Day 45, October 16


So I went to my first cardio class tonight.  Zumba … I left feeling defeated.  I really struggled to keep up with (sorry for the labels) the “skinny” “fit” girls in the class. Seriously I am probably close to double the weight of the 5 other women in the class.  I was proud of myself for sticking it out even though I felt extremely out of place and couldn’t keep a rhythm at all. It was clear to me that the other ladies in the class had done this before – they knew most of the steps and I was lost.  The jumping hurt my  knees and hips, but I did it. I finished the class out of breath and burned somewhere between 768 – 870 calories.

After leaving the class and grabbing Olivia from the child care I ran into the instructor and another student in the hall.  They both said I did a great job for my first time and the instructor said glad you came and to please come back next week. This made me feel a little bit better so maybe next week I will go back and humiliate myself again so I can try to become the “skinny” “fit” girl too.

155 calories

155 calories

I started the morning off with toast, peanut butter, and jelly.  I headed over to Lindsey to help pack.  Got in several flights of stair while there. She fed me a great lunch (thank you for not making me eat chicken nuggets like the kids)…


I am not sure how many calories are in this chicken and spinach noodle bake, but it was yummy!  I know there are a lot of calories in the cheese and creamy sauce so my estimate would be 700 – 900 calories.

I had a great conversation with a friend from back home, Arkansas, this afternoon while Olivia napped.  I then headed over to the gym to Zumba. You know my feeling about that!

I then came home and ate 3 lasagna cups from the freezer.  They reheated well in the oven! I also made a large side salad to go with it.


This was a meager 328 calories for dinner.

That brings my total calories in a range of 1183 to 1383 if you take off the calories 768 – 870 from the Zumba workout I have a net calories of 415 – 513 calories for the day.  Maybe I need to Zumba more, LOL!


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