Day 44, October 15th


Last night was another sleepless night, boo.  Tonight I think a pill will be helping me get to sleep.  3 days and maybe 8 hours of sleep total led me to have a horrendous headache this afternoon.

This morning I made a bigger breakfast than toast b/c I knew it would be after one o’ clock before I could eat lunch.


275 calories

I made two eggs which was clearly to much for my little burrito.  I gave the extra egg to Olivia and I shared a couple bites of my “breakfast quesadilla” as she called it.

I then dropped her off at MDO and headed out with some of the moms from our steering team at MOPS.  We had a great time working on our craft samples for our next meeting.

I picked Olivia up and headed home for lunch.


I split the beef stroganoff with her added some left over green beans and half a banana. This took the calorie count from 774 down to 463.  It also added a fruit and a vegetable into my diet for the day.

I had intentions to go to the gym after nap time today so I put the contents of a hobo packet in the crocpot for dinner so it would be ready when I got home.  And then the headache hit me – I tried to get rid of it with some Stress Away from Young Living but I think it was too far past that.  The Maxalt finally kicked in after an hour and half and I felt a little better.


Unfortunately the hobo packet cooked to long and was very mushy. I ate about half of it for 195 calories and pitched the rest.

After bath time I wanted a little snack and picked something not so healthy but so scrumptious.


Ruffles sour cream and cheddar chips.  Then I snagged 5 mint M&M’s from our bag from M&M World. Adding 215 calories for the daily total.

Total Calories 1148


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