Weigh In! Day 43, October 14th


I want to say a quick thanks to everyone reading the blog and following along with my journey; yesterday’s post was my highest ever read with 43 visitors!!!  I also have a few friends and family members who have re-started weight loss journeys of their own with my blog as an inspiration.  This makes me feel like I have purpose and this is something I should be doing.

All that being said I am down 2.4lbs from Sunday! I am now weighing in at 214.6lbs slowly making it towards my big goal of getting under 200.  And I am working towards the October bonus goal of losing another 5% from my starting weight, that will be to get under 208.  Let’s do a quick recap of my October Goals:

10 45+ min work outs with 1 aerobic class

Food Journal

Keep net calories under 1500 starting 10/13

Remember yesterday when I said I wasn’t hungry at all, well today was the opposite.  I have felt hungry since the moment I woke up; I would eat and the feeling would vanish for 30 minutes to an hour and then I felt hungry again.  I think this is because of how little calories I consumed over the last two days, but I cannot be for certain.

I woke up early (6:30 ish) too early since I didn’t get to sleep til about 4, I hate insomnia! I got ready for my first MOPS meeting as the new DGL! I grabbed some toast with peanut butter and jelly before heading out the door.

155 calories

155 calories

I got to MOPS and helped set up the tables for the day, met with a couple new moms who joined our group, introduced myself to the mentor moms and table leaders (glad to put faces and names together) and then we had brunch before our speaker. Check out my plate – I got a little bit of everything because it was my groups turn to bring food.


I had a couple people wonder why I was taking pictures of my food.  I told them and they were pretty understanding, though someone said, “It’s a social gathering they don’t count!”  This reminded me of Lula a character from the books I’m reading; I wish it worked this way.  However, it doesn’t and everything was AMAZING (read worth the calories)! I am going to list out what I gave everything calorie wise – hope I’m close.

Fruit (50)

Egg Bake (200)

Pumpkin Muffin (125)

Bagel w/ cream cheese (80)

1/2 graham cracker and pumpkin dip (60)

veggies and dip (50)

Total estimate is 565 calories.  I did not eat much of any of the dips. I bought the fruit dip it was a low fat yogurt vanilla bean dip – I didn’t really care for it.  The ranch dip seemed to have maybe been made with cottage cheese – not sure though I forgot to ask. The pumpkin dip was great – our mentor mom Martha made it.  It’s 2 cans pumpkin, one big thing of cool whip, and some pumpkin spice seasoning.  The bagel was one of the best I have ever had – I see a trip to Harmon’s (a grocery store) to buy a couple for breakfasts next week.

After MOPS Olivia and I headed home. I had the intention of eating leftover spaghetti squash.


It DOES NOT reheat well!  I dumped it down the drain and started over with some Progresso Split Pea and Ham soup.


I ate the one serving for 140 calories; I thought it was okay. Olivia liked it and ate quite a bit on top of her “real” spaghetti leftovers.  I might have to make my homemade version next time Tim is gone – he doesn’t like it, but it’s getting her to eat vegetables.

After this she went down for a nap and I tried to nap since I got very little sleep last night. My sleep was interrupted by our upstairs neighbor and my bladder too many times to wake up feeling rested.  After nap time was over I drug myself to the gym where I walked 2.13 miles in 48 minutes and burned 253 calories. I did feel better afterwards and enrolled for a Zumba class on Thursday night!

I started dinner this morning before MOPS and had been smelling the delicious beef stroganoff all afternoon.  I love crocpot meals!  I came home from the gym made the noodles and voila dinner is served.


Also have left overs for tomorrow and an additional serving in the freezer.  Next time I will remember I need more broth – it goes further and ultimately will make each serving less calories.  Tonight’s portion is 774 calories.  It is split pretty evenly between the sauce and the noodles.

This meal is the prime example of why I don’t want to “diet.”  I love this meal even though it isn’t the healthiest of options; I crave it pretty regularly.  By counting the calories I learned that: 1. I can only have one helping; 2. next time make it with a salad to try to eat less of the main course; 3. possibly serve a vegetable as a side to lessen the amount of the main course.

Total Calories 1664 – 253 calories from work out = 1411 net calories.


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