Day 41, October 12th


It was a three way tie as to what my weight would be gain 1 – 3, neutral, or lose 1 – 3 pounds.  Well here is the actual results – 217.0 which is a gain of 0.8 lbs.  At first I was a little disappointed by this number, I was really hoping for a loss; but I after a bit I was like okay that’s good you ate out for a whole week and didn’t even gain a whole pound.

Today was a busy day unpacking, 8 loads of laundry (still have 2 more for tomorrow) , and the ever dreaded meal planning and grocery shopping.

I liked the format of the blog while I was in Vegas, so I plan to keep that up instead of just listing the foods and their calories.  Also I am not going to list water intake unless I do not drink enough.

We didn’t get up until 10 ish today and because we had no food in the house Tim ran to Wendy’s  (we had coupons!).

20141012_125017I ate a baked potato (half of their buttery spread and fat free ranch) and half of a small chili.  393 calories  As you can see I had already started eating before I took the picture – sorry :/

Tonight’s dinner was a turkey burger patty with mushroom and onions, and a squash medley.


You cannot see the turkey burger b/c it is buried under the mushrooms and onions.  I typically make the squash medley with half a stick butter, but tonight I just used water. This simple swap saved a few hundred calories. I also chose not to have it on a bun which saved a couple hundred calories. This meals total calories 307.

Tonight I will be having some of the M&M’s we picked up from our trip to M&M World. Adding 190 calories to my daily total.  The total calories for today  890 which is not really enough calories, but I wasn’t up early enough for breakfast and was to busy to squeeze in a snack.


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