Day 40, October 11th HOME AT LAST!


I am 100% exhausted and Olivia won’t go to bed, yea me.  Last night she woke up at 4:45 am and would not go back to sleep – remember she didn’t go to bed til almost 1 am and it was almost 4 when I finally fell asleep so lets (sarcastically) say today was a blast!

We got up packed our bags and headed back to the blue skillet for brunch. This morning I got their chopped ham and eggs platter.


I ate all the eggs (2) and ham; I only had 1/2 the hashbrowns and I did not eat the bread that came with it. My estimate for this meal is 500 – 600 calories.

We then headed over to the Flamingo to see their Habitat exhibit. It was cute and Olivia was being stubborn and wouldn’t take a picture for me. This is the best I got – my two goofballs!


After this Tim’s instructions were to drive around until Olivia fell asleep.


We got down to one end of the strip and then came back to park in the Bellagio parking deck so after she woke up we could go inside and see their gardens.  I sat in the car and read a book for an hour and half while they slept – wish I could have gotten comfortable enough to nap too.

I could have a whole slideshow of my floral arrangements at the Bellagio, but this ENT was my favorite.


Ents, a name derived from the Anglo-Saxon word for giant, are mythical creatures from Middle Earth closely related to Talking Trees. There was a talking tree there too; he scared Olivia.

Again I tried to take a picture with Olivia, but she wasn’t having it so I took one with me and Tim instead!


I was so lucky to have found him when we were both young (high school sweethearts) and we have truly grown up together!  I am thankful that he is such a hard worker, amazing husband and father!

On our way back to our car we saw this fountain at the Bellagio


This was only the end of the fountain it appeared to have another story of chocolate flowing!  I thought it was so cool! Thankful the line was long so I wasn’t tempted to get a dipped ice cream cone or a freshly made crepe.

After this we headed over to the airport to wait on our plane.  We ate at the Pei Wei in Gate C. I was starving, brunch had definatley not been enough to hold me over 7-8 hours.  I had part of an order of lettuce wraps (335 calories) and the terriyaki chicken bowl with brown rice that I love.


I do not know what size it was small or original.  I asked the lady at the counter and she said we have one size – I don’t know.  So its somewhere between 880 – 1270 calories. My guess is that it was probably the large portion.

After eating we still had about an hour left for our flight; Olivia was getting restless and found Tim’s tape measure in the side pocket of his backpack.


All the passerby’s thought it was cute and kept asking her about the “remodel” or if everything was measuring okay.  It was to funny to watch her interact one type she said, “No, these guys can’t measure a flip.”

Finally we said goodbye to Vegas!


We had a great trip and enjoyed spending time together as a family.  I am not in a hurry to do this again though: flying with kids stinks, Olivia not being in her normal routine makes things a bit more stressful, and the trip wasn’t cheap (eating out is expensive).

On our way home Tim and I commented on how hungry we are so he is on his way to Taco Bell since we have no food in the house.  I requested 2 tacos so add another 400 calories for the day.  My estimated calorie total for today is 2115 – 2605.  I am looking forward to weighing myself tomorrow and seeing how my efforts of choosing wisely most of the time this week paid off.

I am going to try to put a poll up to see what everyone thinks did I lose weight, gain weight, or stay the same.  If the poll doesn’t work for some reason feel free to comment and be honest – maybe even share the reasons why.


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