Day 39, October 10th


I am so ready to go home and have my own bed.  I slept like crud again: late to bed and up early for no apparent reason.  At least Olivia slept til 11:00 o’ clock.  Next week should be fun getting back on a regular schedule.  We have been up til 11 or later (its 12:30 and we are just now getting her ready for bed).  But hey its Vegas baby, LOL!

Tim got off work and we went over to the Silverton and had lunch at Johnny Rockets before the mermaid show.20141010_134601

I chose to have a salad over fries.  This saved me about 200 calories.  My estimate for the salad with dressing is around 250. I forgot to order it with no cheese so that added most of the calories.  I order my dressing on the side so I can dip the tines of my fork into the dressing.  This way I get dressing on each bite and it uses a lot less dressing which means saved calories.


My salad was a side item to their Route 66 burger. It is a mushroom, onion, and Swiss burger; it was good.  The whole burger runs 980 calories.  I listened to my body when it said stop eating so I only consumed 2/3 of it.

Would you think fries or onion rings have more calories?

It’s onion rings. Tim ordered them and they come in at 880 calories to the fries 480.  I snagged 2 of the small ones – not impressed by them.  My estimated calories for lunch is around 900.

After lunch we walked over to the mermaid show. As an adult not really impressed, however, Olivia thought it was really cool!


The mermaid was dropping rocks over the fish; they seemed to love it, because they collected around her.

Our original plan was to go from the Silverton over to MGM, but Olivia was cranky and Tim didn’t feel well so we switched the day around and came back to nap (great decision) and headed out later.  After a good 2.5 hour nap for the two of them (I got about an hour) we headed over to MGM to eat at the Rainforest Cafe.


They sat us next to a big fish tank and some elephants; Olivia thought it was so cool!  I liked the ambiance of the restaurant definitely somewhere to take kids, but plan to fork over the big bucks to eat there.

I ordered their Shrimp Mogambo which is supposed to  be like a shrimp alfredo with vegetables; however a food runner brought me the wrong meal from the kitchen so I had their Seafood Galapagos instead.


Honestly their error probably saved me a ton of calories because of the different types of sauces.  I only ate maybe a 4th of this because instead of just shrimp it also had salmon and mahi mahi in it.  I do not really care for fish so I ate the 4 tiny shrimp the zucchini and a few noodles.  (I did not eat the bread) I let Tim finish it while I ate his zucchini.


They were yummy.  Rainforest Cafe apologized profusely for the mistake. Offered to make me what I ordered and I said no its okay.  The manager came out and offered to remake it for me and I told him it was fine, really.  And then when our ticket came they had removed the cost of my meal from our ticket.  I thought that was incredibly nice of them and we tipped big because we didn’t have to pay for a $20 plate. My estimate for my portion of the meals is probably 600 – 800 calories.

After dinner we headed out to the Strip to find the M & M World.

IMG_1982Found it! We had a great time and picked up some cute gifts for all of our little nephews and Olivia picked out a green monkey for herself!

All week I have been looking forward to going to the Coca-Cola store to try their Tastes of the World so we headed their next.

We got 16 sample sodas ($8); this is more than enough to share with a small group of people.  All 3 of us  tried a sip of each one and then Olivia drank her favorite; I had a few extra sips of the ones that I liked so did Tim and the rest went in the trash. WARNING their is so much sugar in some of these it made our tummies hurt after (or maybe it was the crazy flavors).

soda #

We had a nice Canadian family sitting next to us so we talked with them about all the craziness of Vegas; how we let our kids stay up way to late (it was almost 11) and get sucked in to tourist traps like the M & M store and Coca Cola. But anyways here is the list of sodas.

1. Lift Manzana from Mexico

2. Fanta Kolita from Costa Rica

3. Bibo Kiwi Mango from South Africa

4. Jamaica Sun from Mexico

5. Sunfill Mint from Djibouti

6. Smart Apple from China

7. Beverly from Italy

8. Mezzo Mix from Germany

9. Inca Kola from Peru

10. Fanta Pineapple from Greece

11. Stoney Tangawizi from Tanzania

12. Sprite Ice from Korea

13.  Thums Up from India

14. Fanta Melon Frosty from Thailand

15. Smart Watermelon from China

16. Crush Lemon from Bahrain

Okay so some were great and some were terrible while others were just weird.  One thing that caught us off guard was that not all the sodas were heavily carbonated which I would have expected. I would recommend doing this if you have the chance; I find it neat to try things from other countries and compare them to what we have here in the US.  That being said I do not want to ruin the  experience for anyone so I am going to tell you my favorite, my least favorite, and the weirdest. My most favorite was the Fanta Pineapple.  The least favorite for me and Tim was the Stoney Tangawizi you would have to pay me a lot of money to drink this again.  The only one Olivia spit out was the Beverly – it wasn’t great either; she loved the Mezzo Mix though. The weirdest flavor award would go to Sunfill Mint – it tasted a lot like kids minty mouthwash. I really have no idea where the calorie count would be on this, my best guess for what I drank would be 150 calories or less.  I came up with this figure based on the fact that a 12 oz Coke has 140 calories. After this excursion we headed back to our hotel.

We walked just over 10,000 steps today and had a great time as a family, but now it is almost 2 am and we have to get up in the morning to pack our bags and be out of the hotel by noon.

My estimated calories for today is 1650 – 1850 calories. Tomorrow night I should be in my own bed, can’t wait 🙂


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