Day 38, October 9th


Another day in Vegas, I can say I am ready to go home!  It has been great being here with Tim, but I want my bed.  It was almost 3 am before I finally fell asleep last night and then I was wide awake around 6:30.  Luckily I was able to get in a 30 minute nap this afternoon.

I had one of those “scrumptious” Kashi protein bars for breakfast at 140 calories.  I also downed 24 oz of water.

Olivia and I worked on some of her school work this morning and watched some cartoons while we waited on Tim to come back for lunch.  We decided to go ahead and eat at the hotel again today. I had a hard time deciding between panda express or baja fresh.  I figured the burrito would be a little healthier.


I ordered the Chicken Baja which is a burrito with chicken, pico, and guacamole.  I did not eat the chips.  Just the burrito is 790 calories (WOW).  This really shocked me; I would have guessed 600 – 800 calories thinking it truly fell in the middle.

After lunch I took Olivia to the pool and had a very scary mom moment.  She asked me to throw her in so I did and somehow her floatees came off.  Needless to say I tossed my phone and jumped in after her.  I pulled her out of the water and she said, “That was scary, I can’t breath under water.”   I was glad she was able to hold her breath for the few seconds it took me to get to her, but my heart was racing.  It didn’t phase her to much though because she was swimming just a few minutes later.


She is my little water baby.

We came back took showers and grabbed some ZZZ’s.

Tonight was mine and Tim’s date night so I got all dolled up again and we headed over to Excalibur.


I wish we would have been allowed to take pictures of the show, Tournament of Kings. It was a great show and we had a great time.  I wish the pictures they took of us would not have been so expensive b/c they were good.  They wanted $60 for 4 photos.  I was kind of shocked.

The show came with dinner which you had to eat with your fingers because forks weren’t invented in the 16th century.

The appetizer was tomato soup


You can see from the line I did not drink much of it.  I did not really like how salty it was.  Then came the main course.


A Cornish game hen, 2 red potatoes, broccoli and a biscuit. I was worried we would have to run through a burger joint on the way back to the hotel, but the food was surprisingly good!  I peeled the skin off and just ate the breast meat.  The potatoes and broccoli were good too.  I traded Tim by biscuit for his broccoli.  I didn’t want to spend 200 calories on a biscuit.

For dessert they brought out these apple biscuits.


Sorry for the blurry photo, but we were not supposed to be using photography during the show.  I did not eat this either, Tim said it was okay, but my turnovers were better. My guess for dinner is 500 – 700 calories

I have been good to not drink my calories as I know that it is not a filling way to spend them.  Tonight was a “special” occasion and Tim and I ordered a Miami Vice which is a mix of a pina colada and a strawberry daiquiri. It came in this souvenir cup!  We shared it and together only drank about 1/2. My guess for the drink is 200 – 300 calories.


After the show we came back to our hotel and each put $5 into the machine to play penny slots.  We played for about 10 minutes and were bored. I left with a little more than $3.  Tim had 3 cents.  He wanted dessert so we went over to the cafe and I ordered the lemon crumb cake.


I ate one very small bite. It was DISGUSTING! I have never had a dessert taste so terrible. I wen to try a second bit just to make sure and spit it out into a napkin. Probably less than 50 calories in the small bite.

We had about half an hour left to kill and I reminded Tim of the arcade. He was a happy camper!


I mostly watched him play a few racing games and one shooting game. Then we played Mario Kart and air hockey together.  I know we are dorks! We laughed and said playing the video games was more fun than playing the slots.

My estimated calories for the day are somewhere between 1680 – 1980. I will be interested to get home and see where I am at weight wise.  I feel like overall I have done really well and even though I haven’t exercised we have walked a lot each day with yesterday being the exception.  Today was just over 13000 steps; some of which included climbing stairs.  Tomorrow afternoon we will be heading to the Silverton to watch their mermaid show!


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