Day 37, October 8th


I love days that I really have nothing to do.  Olivia and I slept it a little bit then lounged around the hotel room until lunch time.  I sipped on water over the morning, but didn’t eat anything.  I know breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day and all; but I am not one to wake up and want to eat.  I usually get hungry around 10 and in today’s circumstance I was like whatever we are going to go eat at 11.  We decided to have lunch at the buffet down stairs today instead of driving to go find something.

Here are the photos of what I ate.


A small bowl of salad.


fajita meat, taco salad, 2 hush puppies, steamed mixed vegetables, and chicken green bean stir-fry

And then for dessert I got


Fresh Melon


These were the desserts I chose. They were very little and I thought the perfect size for someone trying to watch their calories.


And then I have a 2 year old who wanted some so this is how much of them I actually ate. The carrot cake was amazing!

My estimate for this entire meal is 600 – 800 calories.

We then came back to the room and since we know now that Connie isn’t supposed to clean the room if we are in there we walked down six flights of stairs and then back up – twice.  It’s not a full work-out, but its better than nothing. We got back to the room and she was finishing up.  Olivia wanted to give her a hug, so sweet!


Even though Olivia can drive me absolutely crazy; I love watching her kind spirit when she interacts with other people.

She took a nap and I worked on some stuff for MOPS. Then I had to get ready for dinner; Originally we were going to go to a Brazillian steakhouse but Tim said he would rather have Japanese.


Feeling prettified!

We headed over to Ohjah for dinner.  They were dead; it was just the three of us and another couple.


Volcano Fire

I ordered what I normally order from a Japanese steak house. The special with filet mignon, chicken, and shrimp.


It normally comes with soup and salad. I did not care for there soup so I only had one swallow.  This is a photo of their salad – not very appetizing looking, but it was yummy!

I know it is very difficult to do at a place like this, but I waited for all my food to arrive before I started eating.


I only ate about 1/3 of the rice (amazing huh). I shared parts of the plate with Olivia. She ate a few of the shrimp and some of the chicken.  I ate all of the steak it literally melted in your mouth…so good!  It simply amazes me that this one meal is as many calories as some of the previous whole days that I have eaten.  Most of it is in the rice and chicken so luckily I saved a few calories there by sharing with Olivia.  I would still estimate this meal to be between 1300 – 1500 calories.

After dinner we came back to the hotel and played a game of bowling together as a family.  I took the stairs over the escalator to burn a few extra calories.  Today was our light day as far as activities and walking only about 7000 steps overall. I barely consumed all my water for today and my daily estimate for calories is 1900 – 2300.  Tomorrow is mine and Tim’s first date night in awhile; we are going to have dinner and see show at Excalibur while Olivia stays in the hotel’s childcare.


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