Day 36, October 7th


Another eventful day in Vegas. Tim got up and went to work; Olivia and I stayed at the hotel sleeping!  When she woke up we split a banana for breakfast had 16 oz water and went down stairs to bowl. (didn’t snap a picture of the banana about 55 calories)

20141007_101735She had a blast we played 2 games.  The guy working the counter was nice enough to bring us this contraption that Olivia could set the ball on and it rolled down quickly to hit the pins.  The first 2 frames without it were painfully slow.  The first game was 81 to 88 my win and the second game was 64 to 55 Olivia wins.  Yea we suck at bowling, but hey we had fun and that is all that matters! (drank 16 oz more water while bowling)

Around noon Tim came to pick us up for lunch.  We decided to have Pin Kaow Thai. It wasn’t mama’s pad thai from Sullivan’s back home in Arkansas, but it was good.

20141007_123230 (2)

I did not add the peanuts in order to save a few calories, I also did not eat the fried wonton, and Olivia only let me eat 1 bite of egg roll before she commandeered it.  She also took about a 4th of the noodles.  I don’t like bean sprouts so they remained on my plate.  I wish I would have ordered it a bit more spicy; I drank 16 oz water. My guess would be 500 – 600 calories.

We came back to our hotel room and Connie from housekeeping was finishing up which was great because Olivia needed to take a nap.  She wanted to help her so bad it was cute.  Olivia said numerous times, “I help you Mrs Connie.  I’m a good helper.  Mom why you not helping that’s rude.”  We laughed.Connie said I was doing a great job raising a her.  She has worked for the hotel 20 years and has 3 kids in their 30’s. Very nice lady.

Around 3:30 I was hungry so I grabbed some of the pretzels I packed and nibbled on those with 24oz of water.  110 calories.

Tim arrived home from work and we headed over to Circus Circus. We ate dinner at their pizzaeria.

I had a salad (that for 6.99 was a joke) and 2 slices of thin crust pizza – pepperoni’s removed.


I removed the croutons because I know they are around 100 calories for 5 of them; I don’t love them; and I’d rather have an extra slice of pizza for that amount of calories. I estimate the salad around 100 calories because the dressing was 60.

20141007_182810 (2)

Here is the pizza Tim ordered.  I tried to pick the smallest pieces so I ate the ones by his elbow; picked off the pepperoni and used a napkin to soak up some of the grease.  I would estimate 500 – 600 calories for the pizza.

We then walked around the Midway and got to see 2 circus acts one was an aerial show with the scarves and the other was flying trapeze artists.  We played some games and Olivia won a couple of stuffed animals.  I am glad they had carnival games where she could get a prize whether she won or not.  She also played a game where you were trying to toss a ball into these floating dishes.  Olivia being so short missed several times tossing them on the floor instead of into the water filled apparatus.   I am thankful the lady working was so patient with her and allowed her to try several more times.  Oh and of course they had to play the batman racing game.


The salad did not seem to stick with me because by the time we got back to our hotel I was hungry again.  I ordered a cup of chili from downstairs and ate 2 crackers.  I assume it is around 300 – 400 calories.

In full disclosure I also ate one bite of Tim’s brownie.  It looked delicious; however, I was not impressed so I ate the one bite and was done. Probably 50 – 100 calories.


Estimated total calorie count is 1615 – 1965.  I still think I am doing pretty well for it being a vacation.  I am trying to keep in mind how much work it is to get weight off.  We only walked around 8000 steps today and my feet are thankful.


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