Day 35, October 6th


We were up early this morning taking Tim to work. I started my day off with 16 oz of water.  We got back to the hotel and cleaned up a bit (I am not a huge fan of the cleaning people coming in and doing it) I needed more towels and heard them in the hall; she asked if she could come in and get the trash and put out more soap.  I learned that if I don’t let them clean my room they don’t get paid so tomorrow I may remove the do not disturb sign.

After that I did some review work of the letter A with Olivia and decided to be a good wife and iron the rest of the weeks clothes for Tim.

20141006_104727 (2)

I hate ironing; it is my least favorite chore. Luckily, I rarely have to do it! Tim usually handles pressing his clothes, but I wanted us to be able to spend more time together in the evening so I took care of it.

While ironing I munched on a Kashi protein bar


Is it screaming yum to you? … yea me neither. It was okay and I ate it in small bites and washed it down with 16 oz water. It contained 140 calories.

Olivia and I hung out in the hotel room coloring for a little bit and then it was time to pick Tim up for lunch.  We were going to go eat at this Vegan Taco truck that people recommended, but it was closed so we ate at Yummy Sushi and Grill instead.  I ordered their Grilled Terriyaki Chicken Combination.


I did not eat the sushi (I don’t like it, but Tim does so he ate it; Olivia tried a bite and spit it out). I also did not eat the fried stuff because I’m not a huge fan of tempura and anything breaded and fried adds the calories on fast.  I did eat the Salad (top right) which had a lemongrass and ginger dressing.  And I ate the rice (top left) with the chicken and cabbage on the bottom right.  I chose not to upgrade to fried rice because that more than doubles the calorie count.  My estimate for this meal 450 – 600 calories. I also drank 16 oz water.

Tim dropped Olivia and I off at the hotel so she could nap and he headed back to work.  I worked on finding places to eat lunch the rest of the week b/c their GM typically does not eat take out so we get to have lunch with Tim all week!


Tim got home from work and we chose to eat at the Grand Cafe in our hotel before heading to the Las Vegas Strip.

I chose to have their daily special roast beef with vegetables and mashed potatoes.


Personally I was not impressed I make way better and so does Mimi’s Cafe.  I only ate about half; research shows most restaurant portions of this type of meal is around 850 calories.  So my best guesstimate would be somewhere between 400 and 500 calories for dinner. I drank around 16 oz of water.


We then drove over to the Strip and saw the Volcano at the Mirage, the fish tank in Caesar’s Palace, and the fountains at the Bellagio.

The Volcano at the Mirage

The Volcano at the Mirage


Fish Tank at Caesar’s Palace

Fountains at the Bellagio

Fountains at the Bellagio

It was ALOT of walking, but totally worth it to see these free shows! I drank 24 oz water while on the strip.

We got back to the hotel late and while I was in the shower Tim ran downstairs to grab dessert that we were eyeballing at the Grand Cafe.  Here is what he picked.



Strawberry Shortcake whose proceeds go to breast cancer research




A cake that is supposed to be similar to a snickers.

Strawberry shortcake is his favorite next to mini pecan pies and I love snickers.

Here is the portion of each I chose to eat.



It was enough to satisfy my cravings, but not so much that I blew a whole days calorie count in one dessert.

My estimate here is 500 – 600 calories.  The shortcake is pretty low as far as desserts are concerned the whole piece was probably around 400 and as for the snickers type cake similar ones online run around 800 a serving.

My estimated total calories for the day are between 1490 – 1840. Overall I am proud of myself for having restraint with the desserts and listening to my bodies cues as to when I am full.  I walked 15,000 steps today which burned 1050 calories.




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