Day 34, October 5th


Olivia slept in and so did we!  That doesn’t always happen and I am thankful for the extra rest after a very LONG day yesterday!

I started out this morning with 8 oz of water around 9 am.

10:30 we went to The Blue Skillet Pancake House.  I looked over the menu and asked the waiter if they had a 2 egg omelet instead of 4 and she said no, but then she said well we do on the kids menu, just say its for her (Olivia).  Their kids omelet also comes with  2 pancakes.

I ate the omelet ham, cheese, and onions along with 3 bites of pancake!


3 bites of pancake with a little bit of Maple Syrup


One whole pancake. My 3 bites were the small cut off section.


This was the omelet. Olivia at my orange wedge.

Olivia ate the rest of the pancakes. First I was shocked that so much food would be for a kid, but then I realized that a 10 year old boy could eat it with no problem.  The omelet was really good.  My estimate in calories for what I ate of this meal would be 500 – 600 calories.

We then went to the Natural History Museum of Las Vegas.  We were able to get in free with our Discovery Museum membership.  Olivia enjoyed seeing everything they had to offer including Nemo and Dory.


We also got to see their Seahorse Carousel Tank.


While there I finished 16 oz water.

Afterwards we were hungry and Tim wanted Jack in the Box so we headed over there.  I looked over the menu and decided to order a Chicken Fajita Pita


223 calories.

According to my husbands family the best burgers are at In and Out and the best Tacos come from Jack in the Box so I also order a Taco


This is all I ate.  So maybe 10 calories – the whole thing has 82. I was not impressed.  I also ate a 2 of Olivia’s fries another 20 calories.  I drank 12 oz water. Total Lunch Calories 253.

We came back and rested while Olivia took a nap and then we got out and went to walk down Fremont Street to see their huge light show.


We saw the American pride one!  Thank you to all the service men and women that have served and are currently serving in all the Military branches.  After this they showed a Monster Mash one which was pretty cool too.


Tim and Olivia also ran into a transformer! He was trying to get her to pump her fist in the air, but she was keeping a close eye on him. Over the evening I drank 16 oz water.

We had planned to eat at a Le Thai on Fremont street, but they had a 30 minute wait and it was already 8:30 so we tried driving over to Lotus of Siam – another Thai place but their wait was over an hour.  So we headed to Walmart to replace our GPS that decided it was going to stop working and then decided on eating at the hotel. We were going to eat at the Oyster Bar, but they close at 9 so we headed for Panda Express.

20141005_210829 (2)

I had the Kung Pao Chicken (240), honey sesame chicken (420), and chow mien (490).  Total Calories 1150.  I shared a small amount with Olivia, but not enough to really change the calorie count. Due to the spice of the Kung Pao Chicken I went through 24 oz of water.

Because we ate at 2 chain restaurants today I can estimate my calories much more closely; I am guessing somewhere between 1900 – 2000 calories.  Tomorrow Tim heads to work bright and early and since I want a vehicle I have to be up too.  Good Night!


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