We’re In Vegas! Day 33, October 4th – I am down 15 total pounds!


When I woke up this morning and stepped on the scale I weighed 216.2 lbs.  That is a total weight loss of 15 lbs since September 2nd! My goal is to weigh less than 220 when I get home in a week.

Olivia's 1st Airplane Ride!

Olivia’s 1st Airplane Ride!

We had to be up super early this morning to get to the airport on time.  And even though we were up at 4:45 am we only got to the gate with about 10 minutes to spare.  It was one of those it was a little to close for comfort, but glad we didn’t have to wait long.

* please remember I am not keeping a calorie count while on vacation; this is mostly b/c I have no way to verify its accuracy.  I am however going to give estimates and I am going to photo log the food I am eating and discuss the choices I made.

I started my day off with 8oz water

and peanut butter and jelly toast from home (155)

finished off with another 8 oz water.

8 oz water on flight (yea I resisted soda!)

Breakfast was at 8:30 Vegas time (1 hour before Utah time) and we ate at the Egg and I. The food was amazing.  I was unsure of a healthy option so I asked the waiter and she suggested the Works scramble.


Here is how I modified it; I only ordered a half portion which means it has 2 eggs and I had them leave off the bacon and the cheese.  I also ordered fruit instead of fried potatoes.  It came with 2 slices of bread or a muffin which I did not eat either.  I did steal these potatoes from Olivia’s plate


and they were amazing!  The regular order covers half the plate. I washed it down with 12 oz of water.  My estimated calories for this meal would be some where between 350 and 450 calories.

We then went to a classic car show with Tim; he was in heaven! I drank 8 oz water.  We then needed to kill time before eating lunch and taking Olivia to see Gregory Popovich’s animal show.  So we headed over to the outlet mall to walk around.  I drank 16 oz water.

We found a new (only been open 9 months) local place called Steetcar Poboys.  OMG AMAZING. If you visit Vegas go eat there. The owner gave Olivia a little stuffed dog (for free) and she talked with us while we waited for our food to be made.  It is a family run business the shrimp sandwich was great; I ordered mine light mayo (saves a few calories), I only ate half the fries photographed because my mini me ate the rest and I ate all of the coleslaw because it was delicious.


If I were to estimate the calories in this meal I would say between 850 – 1000 calories. Bread is high as our fries. The shrimp is breaded and fried and I learned that though coleslaw seems healthy the dressing makes it not very low calories. I had another 16 oz of water with this meal.

We went to the Popvich show after lunch; Thanks to USAA’s member rewards we were able to get front row seats for free.  I think this is the best show we could have chosen to take her to. She sat in awe the whole time and then talked about it over and over this evening.  To me its this stuff that makes all the bad days with toddlers worth it! *Sorry no photography was allowed…

We finally get to the hotel to check in – nightmare!  You have to activate these cards on the casino floor in order to get your discounts throughout the hotel (food, bowling, movies, etc).  Anyways Tim is sitting at a slot machine trying to activate and I am behind him holding Olivia.  We couldn’t figure it out (stressed), we are tired and hungry (I know that isn’t there fault;) when a security lady comes over and says children aren’t allowed at the machines.  I was frustrated and said then get someone to help us fix these cards and we will get off the floor, yep it was a little bit of attitude.  So needless to say I had to go over and stand against the wall with a sobbing Olivia while Tim tried to figure it out. I didn’t understand the big deal; she wasn’t sitting in a chair or standing by the machine I was holding her…

I know why they want you to activate your card this way (so you’ll spend money), but really give us the option to activate the card at check in or online. It would really help those of us who don’t plan to gamble and those of us with kiddos.

Sorry about my rant, but this was the worst part of our day and I feel like it needs to be out there!

Alright so 20 minutes later that was settled and we could go eat at the hotel restaurants. We picked the Feast Buffet.  They have a little bit of everything. The dining options include all you can eat Mexican, a salad bar, pizza, BBQ, Chinese, Italian (pasta), American, and Cajun.  Also a HUGE dessert buffet.

With these options and it being a buffet how do you think I did?


I started off with a salad (lettuce, cucumber, tomato, carrots, and I chose a balsamic vinaigrette.)

For a main Course


I chose chicken fajita mix (left) – no tortillas

and a “taco” – no shell so basically another salad.

And then there was dessert; while Tim and Olivia licked their ice cream cones I had a nice bowl of …20141004_192732

melons! I would estimate this entire meal at 500 – 600 calories.

Had 16 oz water at dinner.

This is my reflection: I think I did amazing today. I had a high calorie lunch option and chose wisely at my other two meals.  If you take my numbers I consumed between 1855 – 2205.  I ran the numbers before we left and in order to maintain my weight I need to eat less than 2300 calories per day. According to my phone’s step-ometer we walked just over 19000 steps that is considered to be 9.5 miles today! It estimates we burned 1350 calories! Now I am exhausted and going to bed, NIGHT!


One thought on “We’re In Vegas! Day 33, October 4th – I am down 15 total pounds!

  1. Sisinlaw

    You’re right about the card thing, and should complain. What if you were alone with her? Single parents aren’t allowed to stay at that hotel?

    The Egg and I is in a book series that I read. I kind of thought it was a made up place !


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