Day 32, October 3rd


My meeting this morning went well and I am the new DGL in our MOPS group!  I am so excited to be taking on the roll of discussion group leader; MOPS has always been one of my favorite things so I am excited to be serving in a leadership capacity again.

We are currently running a fundraiser at Mabel’s Labels if you are interested here is the link.

Tomorrow we leave for Vegas!  I will weigh in bright and early; hoping not to gain more than 4 lbs on this trip.  Since we are trying to get things ready to leave and I need to try to sleep, I am going to keep this short and sweet.

Food Journal

8:00 8 oz water

8:30 375 calories

*This is an estimate based on the ingredients I know were in the egg casserole that Andrea made.  It was delicious!

egg casserole (345)

grapes (30)

20 oz water

1:00 250 calories

left over stir-fry (250)

16oz water

8 oz water over the afternoon

6:30 613 calories

pizza crust (360)

sauce (22)

olives (63)

*I paid extra to have the on the go single serving black olives. Let me tell you they deceive you and say 25 calories on the package, but that is per serving and each cups has 2.5 servings. I did this though so I would not eat a whole can because I love them and no one else in my family does.

purple onion (12)

cheese (80)

20141003_180910 (2)

I knew we would be making this for dinner tonight b/c I needed something quick and easy to clean up after.  I chose not to go for the high fat pepperoni’s!

I also made a strawberry spinach salad to go with it.

Strawberries (10)

Spinach (8)

Pecans (34)

Poppy seed dressing (24)

16oz water

8oz water over the evening.

Total Calories 1238

I am going to try to photo document what I eat while I am gone so be expecting lots of pictures over the next week.


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