Day 31, October 2


Found out that one of the few friends I have made in Utah will be moving at the end of the month :/ Even being as social as I am it is difficult to make new friends in a new city.  Tomorrow we are going over to one of the MOPS coordinators house for breakfast to discuss how I can help their leadership team.

Today, I also started gathering things for our trip to Vegas.  (I have a love/hate relationship with traveling I enjoy it, but I stress out and have a horrible time sleeping before the trip.) Can I say WOW luggage is expensive! Tim needed luggage that would hold up to all his traveling so we bought a hard case set ($120 ouch) because the one we bought back in May ($50) is broken.  I am hoping the hard case one will hold up better than the cloth one.

Olivia was excited that she got to pick out a new coloring book for the plane; she chose a Clifford one (I love the dollar tree).

Last night when we were making our list of things to get/pack I was thinking about food and snacks for Olivia. As I laid in bed last night unable to sleep thinking about how I have worked diligently to get these 12 lbs off and I really do not want to gain weight b/c we are going on vacation I started to think what food I could bring with me to try and limit the calories I will be eating and do so in a semi-healthy way.  So I bought the following things to take with me

Kashi protein bars (140 calories)

Trail mix (280 calories)

Pretzels (110 calories)

While these are probably not the healthiest options I figured it beat getting things out of a vending machine or at a gas station when I wanted a snack.  I hope that the protein bars will work as a breakfast item a few mornings as well.

Food Journal

9:00 16 oz water

9:30 155 calories

bread (90)

peanut butter (40)

jelly (25)

8 oz water

8 oz water while out running errands

12:30 310 calories

grilled market salad (200)

Reduced fat berry balsamic vinaigrette (110)

16 oz water

3:30 28g mustard pretzels (110)

24 oz water

6:30 508 calories

Tonight was full of choices I wanted a steak and we originally were going to go to Outback but I had a gift card for Chili’s (Thank you Mrs Ronnie) – I am thankful we didn’t go to Outback b/c I would have had a hard time resisting the bread.

Tim and I did the 2 for $20 option because he wanted the chicken crispers and I knew I wanted a steak.  Usually at Chili’s I order the Triple Dipper, but I will get to that in a minute.  I looked at the different options for appetizers and usually we go for the half order of Texas cheese fries which contain 1250 calories.  Tonight we went for the fried cheese 720 calories for all 7; it was the lowest calorie option.

I ate 2 cheese sticks (206)


Then they have 2 different 6 oz steak options

the regular option is 850 calories and then there is the lighter choice option for 240 calories.


Wondering where the 610 calorie difference is, me too! I learned that 380 calories of it is the loaded potatoes and the rest is butter. I went for the lighter choice option.

I also used A1 steak sauce (22)

and nibbled 4 french fries off Olivia’s plate (40)

*using the estimate of 10 calories a fry.

Also 2 glasses of water.

Please take a moment to notice that 2 cheese sticks are almost as many calories as the entire plate of steak and broccoli.  This is once again the concept of Volumetrics.

Now I was curious to see the calorie count of my usual choice from chili’s which is a Triple Dipper with one of these 2 combinations

Big Mouth Bites (770)

Southwest Eggrolls (580)

Honey Chipotle Chicken Crispers (770)

Total 2120


Spinach Artichoke Dip and Chips (600)

Big Mouth Bites (770)

Southwest Eggrolls (580)

Total 1950

And that is assuming that covers the ranch and avocado ranch if not add another 310 calories.

I am kinda shocked at those numbers. Four times the calories I ate tonight.  I know that I should probably take this knowledge and say I will never eat those choices again, but chances are one day I will crave it and choose to eat it.

Total Calories 1083


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