Day 30, October 1


October Goals

2 quarts water daily

10 45+ min work outs with 1 aerobic class

Food Journal

Keep net calories under 1500 starting 10/13

I didn’t get up in time to eat breakfast before I had to take Olivia to Mother’s Day Out.  After dropping her off I went for my first workout of the month. 48 minutes 2.16 miles 250 calories burned.

I’m also going to try to photo document more as far as food. So

here is a calorie comparison


Raw vegetables for a stir-fry – 163 calories


140 grams (1 cup) brown rice = 190 calories

Food Journal

8:30 – 8 oz water

9:45 – 16 oz water during workout

11:45 – 8 oz water

12:45 – 272 calories


vegetables and soy sauce (82)

1 cup brown rice (190)

16 oz water


3:00 171g honey crisp apple 89 calories


6:30 470 calories

143g mashed potato (103)

140g macaroni and ground turkey (217)

45g corn (35)

roll w/ butter (115)


I have had the stuff on hand to make apple turnovers for a few week now so I decided to make them tonight.  They are so yummy and I am having Tim take the rest to work tomorrow so I am not tempted to eat them all at 336 calories a piece.

20141001_204320 (2)


Total Calories 1167 – 250 calories from work out = 917 net calories


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