Zumba! Day 59, October 30th


Today was one of those days where the kids are whiney and push you every chance they get.  Tim comes home and is like whats wrong with you.  I’m hormonal and your spawn has been defiant and whiney all day; Oh, and for some reason she has started biting AGAIN!  I know she is an angel and can be amazing at times, but today really wasn’t that day.

I woke up this morning and ate a banana as I got started cleaning up the house. I managed to eat the whole thing without having to share with Olivia!


105 calories

Around 10 o clock I got a text from our MOPS coordinator to head on over to her house.  I offered to bring lunch a country cobbler!


For some reason the biscuits were still very doughy on the bottom; I am sure that saved me a few calories.  350 calories for this serving. Andrea made some delicious oatmeal cookies and despite her offering me more I only had one.


She put nutmeg in them and I like it!  124 calories per cookie.

I came home got Olivia down for a nap and I made a light snack since I had Zumba tonight and would be eating dinner late.


Cajun turkey and some grapes 97 calories.

I went to Zumba. I think I am finally getting the hang of it.  I was able to go through most of the class without feeling lost.   This burns between 757 – 858 calories for someone my size. This makes workout number 9 for this month and 4 for this week.  Definitely noticed that I was more sore tonight from the added workouts this week!

I came home and made a salad with some grilled chicken.


193 Calories

Grilled chicken that already comes in a bag is not nearly as good as the grilled chicken Tim makes 😦 Oh well, it was better than eating the burger and fries that he made tonight for him and Olivia that would have been 700 or more calories.

Total Calories 869 – calories from workout (757 to 858) = net calories 11 – 112.  Hoping to see a couple pounds lost tomorrow.  And I am scheduled to be at the gym one more time at 10 am.  As it will be day 60 I will also be taking my measurements to see if I have lost any inches since starting this journey back in September I know my pants are fitting a bit loser so I should see a little loss there.

I am hoping a few people will do this Little Black Dress Challenge with me in November.  My best friend Maddy said she would do it; any other takers?



Day 58, October 29th


I started off the morning getting Olivia ready for her MDO Halloween party, she had a blast!  I love that she loves her teachers and enjoys going there.


I made a bagel and ate a few bites before we left and took the rest to the car.  Except 1/4 of it didn’t make it to my car. I think it fell out of my bag on the way to the car. So only 233 calories.

I then had time to rush to the gym before the parents had to be back for their costume march.  I only had 30 minutes but I figured that was better than nothing.  I stepped it up and kept an average pace of 3.4 miles.  After 31 minutes I had walked 1.75 miles and burned 200 calories.

I went back to MDO and watched her march in, then she played games and did puzzles.  We then had to make a trip to the grocery store. I was so proud of my will power and I didn’t stop to get anything to eat!


I came home ate half a turkey pita and an apple.  265 calories.

Tim keeps bugging me to go to the Lonestar Taqueria; it is supposed to be the best Authentic Mexican taco place in Salt Lake and it’s only a couple blocks from our house.  I looked at the menu and chose to go with the Lonestar Salad with grilled chicken.


It came with some type of creamy dressing on the side – I decided not to use it and just use some fresh squeezed lime juice.  It was a delicious salad.  I am going to guess that it was somewhere between 500 -700 calories due to the guacamole and cheese.

Total Calories 998 – 1198 – workout calories 200 = net calories 798 – 998 Tomorrow is Zumba Day!

Next month I am going to be doing the 30 day Little Black Dress Challenge.  I would love to have a few people do it with me if anyone would be interested here are the guidelines. Please let me know if you are interested.


Weigh In! Day 57, October 28th


The month is coming to a close and the word today is late. Everything seemed to be late. Woke up late, got Tim to work late, was late to MOPS, was late eating brunch, late lunch, late to pick Tim up from work, (had to go back to Firestone) which made me late to my gym class so I had to just walk on the treadmill and then we had a late dinner.  Also did I mention after being 10 days late the aunt that all women despise showed up in my bathroom.  Not a great day – basically felt like I was ran over again and again all day, but I have a goals this week which meant no slacking!  I weighed in this morning at 212 pounds even; that is a loss of 2.8 lbs from last week and a total loss of 19.2 lbs.


2 chicken minis, small square of egg bake, 1/2 slice of lemon bread, fruit, veggies, and a little bit of hummus.

Sorry for the blurry picture.  I have to pat my back and say I resisted doughnuts twice today. We told Olivia yesterday since we had to take daddy to work we would get her some doughnuts so even though I was late we stopped – cuddos I did not eat a single doughnut hole! Then someone brought doughnuts to the brunch – did not eat one there either!  I also did not eat any of the coffee cake or chocolate bread!  I did have 2 chicken minis that came from Chick fil a that cost me 185 calories add everything else to it and I got a total of 420 calories for this brunch plate.  Bonnie’s lemon bread was the best I’ve ever had…so good I really wanted seconds, but I didn’t.

Today’s theme for Mops was Be You, Fired Up.  This is very fitting in my life right now as I am trying to be fired up to lose weight. I am working on my goals for November and I am excited to see how well I will do especially since we have at least 6 social events that will include food and Thanksgiving.

One of our Mops families own a pottery studio here in Salt Lake City and they aided in us in doing this amazing craft.


I got mine back today since I went with some other members of the leadership team 2 weeks ago to try it out.  I was impressed – wished I would have gotten more crystals on there so I’d have more light blue specs. I thought it was so cool to see how blah they were at first and without much effort the glaze turned out amazing. It will be cool to see how everyone’s turns out at the next meeting.

After helping clean up the church and get everything put away Olivia and I headed home for lunch.


Left over taco soup, yummy.  This is one of those soups that I think tastes better on day 2 because all the flavors are even more melded together.  I decided to skip the cornbread to save a few calories.  Soup and fat free sour cream are 410 calories.

This afternoon I had to pick Tim up from work and then we had to go pick his car up from Firestone.  We still don’t know what is leaking but they put a dye in and we have to bring it back after he has driven 50 – 100 miles.  This made me late to the gym so I was not able to do their Zumba class tonight.  I did walk on the treadmill for 46 and half minutes for a distance of 2.25 miles and burned 245 calories. Every little bit helps right!

Tim really wanted to grab something on the way home from the gym and I almost gave in given the day I had, but we came home and I gave him several options as to what we had in the house to eat and he picked biscuits and gravy. 20 minutes later dinner was on the table.


Not the healthiest of options. 2 biscuits 360 calories and the milk gravy 270.  At least I drained and rinsed the sausage from the added fat – that has to help a little bit right?

Total Calories for the day 1460 – calories from workout 245 = net calories 1215

Yesterday I said I was hoping to be at 208 or less that is because then I will be at a 10% loss from when I started.  I am not sure 4lbs in 4 days is possible without drastically limiting your calorie intake which in my case would lead to a binge on chocolate so I will just see where I end up!

Day 56, October 27th


I felt blah this morning so I didn’t get moving around til around 10 am.  I then called the gym to make sure they had room for Olivia so I could avoid a melt down if they didn’t.  They did ! So I grabbed a banana and headed to the gym.


Part of being a parent means sharing just about everything with your kiddo.  She wanted part of the banana so I shared 1/4 of it with her saving me a few calories. Total calories 79.
My workout was 50 minutes on the treadmill walked 2.35 miles burned 258 calories!
I told Olivia she could have McDonalds for lunch so I swung in and got her chicken nuggets; she was so happy I let her carry the happy meal.
I came home and made half  a turkey pita for myself.
I really like snap peas as a side. They give me the crunch which makes me not miss having the usual “chips” side. It also saves over 100 calories for the swap.  I like adding a bit of fruit cause it helps with the sweet cravings, I had to share some pineapple with Olivia too. Lunch added up to 214 calories.
I had planned to warm up ribs from the freezer for dinner, but Tim called and I needed to come pick him up from the auto shop.  Yep, his new (to us) car is in the shop again.  I really hope they fix the problem they missed when we had it inspected originally I am praying they will fix it for no or only a small cost to us since if we would have known this problem exhisted we would not have bought the car. AND Tim asked them a few times if they looked at it and they said it was fine and checked it off on the inspection come to find out it’s not fine; its leaking.
I spend 45 minutes in traffic going to get him another 30 minutes heading home and he realized he left his work stuff in the back so we sat in traffic another 30 minutes going back to get his stuff. and then had to navigate back home.  On the way home the second time he said we are going to pick something up because I don’t want to wait for food to be done.  Ugh… we chose Taco Bell.  I got 2 crunch taco supremes.
It was a total of 400 calories.
And then a couple hours later I was hungry and really wanting some cheddar cheese so I made my favorite wheat thins with melted cheese.  It adds calories
987 total Calories – 258 calories from workout = 729 net calories
My goal is to exercise everyday this week so I can meet my goal of 10 workouts for the month of October.  I really hope my health and sanity allows me to do so! Tomorrow is weigh in day.  I hope to see a drop in pounds. My goal is to be at 208 or less by the end of October.

Day 55, October 26th


Feeling back on track today at least calorie-wise.

Started of the morning with half a bagel before church.


This was 155 calories.

After church we split an orange while lunch was on the grill.


26 calories.  Tim grilled the chicken (finally)!  I made rice, roasted broccoli and carrots.


I only took a 2/3 cup of rice to help save some calories.  The total plate was 270 calories.  Alot less than chili’s dinner of 686 two nights ago and a whole lot less than Panda Express’s 1150 calories last night.  I’ve got to start telling Tim we cannot go out to eat!

This morning before church I started some taco soup. I made some cornbread to go with it tonight.


It was the perfect thing for this chilly fall day.  I tried something new by adding a little bit of fresh cilantro; it gave it a little different flavor and I like it!  The soup, with fat free sour cream, and 2 corn muffins was a total of 606 calories.

I then made some sugar free pudding with fat free milk.


I ate two of these half cup servings. One about an hour after dinner and the other just now.  They both total 160 calories.

So my grand total for the day is 1217.  I was asked why I usually do not count the step calories every day. I do not do this since I don’t think the app on my phone is very accurate.  I bought one that clips to your shoe to use starting in November and I may count it then or I will just try to see how I do each day.  I also think not counting it allows me to have the adjustment for if I count or weigh something incorrectly on accident.

Day 54, October 25th


Feeling like a failure today!  God is playing cruel jokes on me or at least that’s how I feel.  I’m a week late – negative pregnancy test, but feel bloated and blah like I’m on a cycle. Going crazy wondering what’s up – since I got off birth control I have been regular every 29 days… sorry about my rant and might be TMI for some folks.  Anyways we woke up and had bagels and fruit for breakfast, yummy!


This added up to 248 calories.  After breakfast I headed to the gym with Olivia for a workout while Tim worked on his car.  The gym daycare was full so I didn’t get to workout :< Olivia was not happy she cried for a good 20 minutes about not being able to go into the playroom.  She just didn’t understand why there were only two teachers and already full of kids.  You can verify this info with my mom (her yaya) who tried to calm her down.  After this endeavor we had to go to Walmart and get groceries.

I came home and made lunch.


I ended up eating this over two sittings I ate half the pita and vegetables and was full so I put the other half and the apples in the fridge and ate them a couple hours later. Total calories 460.

Then after nap time we pulled everything out of our storage unit and put it back in – doesn’t count as a work out, but man did it feel like one.  The main reason we did this was to be able to get to the Christmas stuff in a month.  Not knowing how cold or if there will be snow I didn’t want to have to try to unload all of it then or not set up Christmas stuff.  Another bonus is we have a little bit more room out there too!

We came back upstairs after 2 hours of shuffling and organizing boxes (this was a tough task with a two year old in tow). Tim was supposed to grill the chicken but said he wanted to go over to the mall (uh-oh)  I should have been good and gotten a salad from chick fil a or just kung pao chicken but I wasn’t that good.


I also got honey chicken which isn’t calorie friendly at all – so this meal adds up to 1150 calories.

So this means I went over my calories again at 1858.  If I subtract my calories according to the pedometer which I don’t normally do I get to lose 480 of those calories which would put me under.  This helps me feel a teensy bit better, but I wish I could have gotten in another true workout.

OOPS Day 53, October 24th


I was talking with my grandmother this morning and forgot to take a picture of my bagel – sorry 271 calories because Olivia took part of it.

We had our Halloween Party this afternoon with Moms Club.


So I felt like this was an okay choice for the party, and when I went back for seconds there was a veggie tray so that is all I got (forgot to photograph).  It wasn’t such a great choices when I came home and added up the calories (probably guessed a little high on some of them) (pizza 1 slice (250), chips and dip (100), veggies (40), fruit (50), pasta broccoli (50), caramel popcorn (220).  So the dessert options were cookies with frosting, cupcakes, or caramel popcorn. I felt the popcorn was the best option thinking it would be around 100 – 150 calories per cup – it is actually 220. Total calories for the meal 810 (personally not worth it)

The plan was for Tim to grill chicken tonight, but he decided to take me out to Chili’s instead. We did the 2 for $20.


2 cheese sticks 206 calories and then it was taking forever for us to get our meals so the server brought out chips and salsa.


Let me just say what a smart server!  It is great that he realized it had taken almost 30 minutes to get our appetizer (the cheese sticks) and then we had been waiting for almost another 30 when these came. The whole platter is 910 calories. I had some of them, my estimate is 200 calories worth. This might be a little high because I know I didn’t eat 1/4 of them; I ate 10 – 15 chips.


My main course option was the lighter choice steak with broccoli.  240 calories and then I ate Tim’s broccoli (40) while he ate more chips.

So I say OOPS! I went over my calories today 1767 total.