Day 26, September 27th


I am posting so late because I was up talking to a friend and we frequently get carried away in conversations that last til wee hours in the morning.  Thank you Sarah, I needed it this week has been rough, today especially.  Tim’s flight was cancelled due to a fire in an FAA tower in Chicago so he will not be home until late Saturday night.  My lovely two year old has really missed daddy this week and does not understand why the calendar says daddy is coming home and he isn’t here.  So with all the uncertainty today I ate like crap, why cause I am an emotional eater. AND as hard as it is when I can’t control things I eat and it makes me some what happy until I realize I have to write this down and admit how much crap I ate today.

9:00 24 oz water

1:00 Pizza Hut Delivery 950 calories

3/4 personal pan pizza (465)

1/2 serving alfredo pasta (260)

1/2 serving marinara pasta (275)

16oz water

2:00 4 turtles(240)

3:00 3 turtles(180)

8oz water over afternoon

4:00 yea I didn’t go for turtles again

popcorn (50)

24oz water

8:30 1/2 hobo packet (193)

put the other half in the fridge for tomorrow

Total Calories 1613

I hope I do better tomorrow, but I am not making any promises.


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