Day 24, September 25th


Today I was on my A game.  I got the checkbook balanced and paid some bills. I also ate great for the most part and kept the calories low.  Olivia wanted to go to the pool this afternoon so I used the opportunity to get in a workout.  40 minutes 1.82 miles and 214 calories burned off.

Food Journal

8:30 20oz water

9:30 155 calories

bread (90)

peanut butter (40)

jelly (25)

8oz water

16oz water over the morning

1:00 2 spicy tostadas (400 calories)

16oz water

8oz water over the afternoon

5:30 16oz work out water

7:45 505 calories

lettuce (10)

apple (5)

cherry tomatoes (15)

Italian dressing (10)

spaghetti noodles (400)

spaghetti sauce (no meat) (45)

Parmesan cheese (20)

8oz water

Total Calories 1060 calories – 214 from workout = 846 net calories

In order to meet my September goals I need one more workout and to continue drinking 2 quarts of water and documenting my calorie intake each day!


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