Day 23, September 24th


2 more days til Tim is home!  Olivia is asking every night if we can go get daddy from the airport.  Through the back cramping today I forced myself over to the gym and walked for 34 minutes for a distance of 1.61 miles and burned 186 calories.  8/10 workouts complete for September.

Food Journal

8:00 12oz water

8:30 155 calories

bread (90)

peanut butter (40)

grape jelly (25)

9:45 work out 8oz water

12:30 310 calories

grilled chicken market salad (200)

dressing (110)

8oz water

16oz water over the afternoon

4:30 trail mix 160 calories

8oz water

7:15 voila garlic chicken 480 calories

16oz water

10:30 mini kit-kat 210 calories

Total Calories 1315 – 186 calories = 1129 net calories

Overall I feel today was a success!

20140924_130941 (2)

I also made some all natural lotion bars for Olivia’s eczema and they seemed to work tonight, but I will let you know what her skin looks like in a week or so.


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