Weigh In! Day 22, September 23


Gain of 1.2 lbs this week! BOO, but I expected it.

I want to share a link with you that I found to be uplifting.


I too believe that we are to critical of ourselves as women and mothers.  This hit home with me especially now as I struggle to make better choices so that I can become healthier.

All the water today, this has become easy for me though I still pee every 15minutes.  I didn’t manage to get up early enough to eat breakfast prior to going to MOPS this morning, but I made good decisions while there and stuck to a reasonable calorie count.

8:15 4oz water

9:30 316 calories

egg casserole bake (110)

mini pumpkin muffin (60)

carrots (35)

grapes (61)

ranch dressing (50)

24oz water

12:30 262 calories

large chili (250)

1 saltine (12) Olivia stole the rest

12oz water

5:00 egg roll 140 calories

12oz water


2 hard tacos and spicy tostada (600 calories)

16oz water


birthday cake m & m’s (190) I wish I could go blind while standing in the check out line at Target.

8oz water

Total Calories 1413.  I am going to make myself go to the gym after dropping Olivia off at MDO tomorrow.  I tend to eat better when I work out and I need to get back on track and try to lose a little bit more before we go to Vegas where I will be eating out for the week.


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