Day 21, September 22


So I’ve already made the statement I’m fat and I know it.  Today I feel fat.  Another admission I am an emotional eater.  This is week 3 of Tim being away for work.  It’s not a horrible thing and we knew it was coming with the job, but its Monday, add no sleep, waking up super early, grouchy kid, car issues, having to shuffle around town with strangers, meeting aunt Flo for September which means another month that I’m not pregnant (baby fever bad at this house), and the 2.5 hours I had to listen to the man upstairs dog bark and whine. I am not a happy person, but tomorrow will be a new day and a better one.

I drank all my water and did not work out.

Food Journal

5:30 12oz water (I am rarely awake this early)

9:45 155 calories

bread (90)

peanut butter (40)

jelly (25)

12oz water

24oz water over the  morning

11:45 chick fil a 310 calories

grilled market salad 200 (not sure if the crunchy granola and nuts are included in this, but I didn’t eat them)

reduced fat berry balsamic vinaigrette (110)

16oz water

* I started the day of right!

12oz water over the afternoon

6:00 695 calories

pei wei lettuce wraps (670)

fortune cookies (25)

12oz water

8:45 880 calories

Teriyaki chicken bowl with brown rice (880)

* so here is what I mean by I eat, normally I would have eaten both the lettuce wraps and the rice bowl in one sitting and been stuffed to the max and as with Chinese food hungry again.  Today I still wanted it all so I got it and broke it up.  Still not the best decision calorie wise for the day – but I am human and will try to do better tomorrow.

Total Calories 2040

Tomorrow is weigh in day – I expect to see either a maintained weight or a slight gain due to poor eating choices over the weekend and today; coupled with the lack of exercise all last week, and tripled by being a woman at this time of the month.


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