Day 19, September 20th


Today was a day to try and roll with the punches.  We changed plans a few times starting with a dinner play date, to a late lunch play date, then an early lunch play date.  Found out the rec center pool did not open til noon so we had to roll with it.  Olivia and her new friend Katelyn had a blast playing in the splash zone.

AND we are having issues with my car.  Took it to Firestone a couple weeks ago for routine maintenance and now it will not idle correctly.  After having the car for 24 hours (dropped it off last night) they tell us they don’t have the capability to fix it and we would need to take it to Nissan for a diagnostic (they will cover)!  However, they did not call us til 3:30 and Nissan closes at 5.  So now I have to take it next week to Nissan and figure all that out while Tim is out of town for the third work week. Glad he will be here the following week and then we will all be off to Vegas!

Anyways we had a great time having lunch with Lindsey and her girls and then exploring the amazing splash pad at the rec center.  However all this excitement and drama left me with a hefty calorie total of 2548 for the day.

Food Journal

8:30 8oz water

9:30 510 calories

1 biscuit (190)

1 egg (70)

2oz hot sausage (200)

1 tbsp jelly (50)

16oz water

16oz water over the morning

12:00 708 calories

3oz shredded bbq chicken (188)

1 hamburger bun (110)

baked beans (147)

coleslaw (72)

baked mac and cheese (191)

8oz water

16oz water over the afternoon

3:00 1 slice cheesecake (400)

7:00 930 calories

chow mien (330)

sesame chicken (420)

broccoli (80)

grilled teriyaki chicken (100)

16oz water

Not a great day calorie wise, but it was good food with a new friend!


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