Day 18, TGIF September 19th


Water yes, exercise — if cleaning the house would count then yes.  I also washed all the bedding in our house, hung pictures, reorganized Olivia’s toys and closet, made a meal plan, finished her lessons on the letter B, started to plan her lessons for the letter C next week, took my car to the shop (it is idling funny), went to the mall for dinner, picked out a few Christmas presents while I was there, went to Hobby Lobby to get stuff to make her Halloween costume (she is going to be a pumpkin princess), and went grocery shopping.  I AM exhausted!

8:50 8oz water, after being a bum all week I knew I had to get a lot done today so I forgot about breakfast until almost lunch time.

8oz water over the morning while cleaning house

12:45 – a few bites of Olivia’s mac and cheese (71)

1:30 homemade minestrone (YUM!) 149 calories

8oz water

24oz water over the afternoon

6:00 835 calories

broccoli in beef in broccoli sauce (didn’t eat beef 81)

1 chick-fil-a waffle fry (because I love them 20)

1 chick-fil-a nugget (cause I suck and couldn’t throw it away 34)

half order chow-mien (250)

honey sesame chicken (420)

1 bite egg roll (nasty 30)

16oz water

16oz over the evening

It is not good that I found panda express at the mall; I loved their food – and it is not low calorie :/ must learn moderation!

I did get in over 10,000 steps today and that is with phone being plugged in most the morning!  I hope to work out some next week.  Just a quick reminder of my goals for September

Eliminate soda by 9/10 – done

Begin drinking 2 quarts of water daily – succeeding so far

food journal daily – succeeding so far

exercise 10 times – currently at 7

First major milestone lose 5% of body weight or 11.5 lbs – as of last Tuesday I was at 9.4 total pounds lost.


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