Day 17, September 18th


Hubby is home again for a few days so I will keep this short and sweet. Yes water, no workout,

Food Journal

8:30 8oz water

9:40 155 calories

bread (90)

peanut butter (40)

jelly (25)

12oz water

16oz water over the morning at the park

12:00 148 calories

lettuce (20)

spinach (10)

carrots (10)

Cucumber (8)

Fat Free Catalina Dressing (50)

mandarin oranges (50)

8oz water


animal crackers and dark chocolate (145)

12oz water

6:00 760 calories

We have an amazing restaurant here called Crown Burger; they have amazing pastrami burgers.  I looked online ahead of time at their calories so I would know.  The regular sandwich has 868 calories; I went with the junior for 560.  I also shared some of my fries with Olivia.   The total for a medium fry is 200 calories; I probably had a few less.

12oz water

8oz water over the evening

9:30 popcorn 50 calories

8oz water

Total Calories 1258


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