Day 14, Monday, September 15th


Everything is set we will be going to Vegas at the beginning of October for Tim’s work.  Olivia and I are going to be going too!  She is really excited about going on an airplane!

Today’s water is done!

Went to the zoo again today with a new friend and her kiddos.  Walking around there in 90 degree weather sorta counts as exercise right?  Tomorrow we will be going apple picking!

Food Journal

9:15 12oz water

10:00 215 calories

egg (70)

milk (5)

egg roll (140)

12oz water

12:00 412 calories

oriental salad (320)

grilled chicken (92)

48oz water while at the zoo

5:15 1/2 oz almonds (80)

12oz water

7:30 Hobo Packet (433)

12oz water

11:00 craving chocolate mini reeses 200 calories

Total Calories 1340

Steps 8147

Tomorrow is weigh in day – not expecting to much of a change; food choices were not amazing this past week.


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