Day 13, Sunday, September 14th


I am back today.  Hubby let me sleep in this morning since I slept like doo-doo last night thanks to our wonderful neighbor upstairs.  Not waking up till 10 makes it hard to eat breakfast.

I did manage to squeeze in all 64 oz of water and we got some walking in while at the Hogle Zoo.  We also got to see their bird show which was amazing and hear a keeper chat about elephants!  Tonight I was reviewing our photos from yesterday’s hike at Sundance in Provo Canyon and these are my two favorite shots.

Beautiful fall colors

Beautiful fall colors

Amazing view

Amazing view of the Mountains

Food Journal

10:30 8oz water

11:30 290 calories

pita (90)

turkey (80)

cheese (45)

spinach (2)

1/2oz avocado (23)

miracle whip light (20)

grapes (30)

16oz water

24oz water at Hogle Zoo

3:00 popcorn (50)

8oz water

6:30 733 calories

bun (180)

1/3lb burger (385)

cheese (45)

condiments (50)

lettuce (2)

tomato (20)

onion (5)

Zucchini “fries” (33)

Carrot “fries” (13)

16oz water

10:00 1 turtle candy (60)

sipping water

*I love zucchini so this was a great healthy low calorie option to regular fries; however, it didn’t give me the satisfaction of a fry.

Total Calories 1133

Steps 9262


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