Day 11, Friday, September 12th


Today was rough. Olivia woke up at the crack of dawn, blah.  Then had a crabby attitude most of the day.  We had to leave a play date early because she wouldn’t play. At least she came home and took an early nap.  It didn’t last nearly long enough and made the afternoon drag on.  I did meal plan for next week, YEA! and went grocery shopping!  Now with all this in my face here is how I stepped up to September’s Goals!

Water complete 68 oz.

Exercise 6/10 nothing extra today.  Tomorrow we are going on a hike so that will add another one.  I also have been tracking my steps this week to see how I shape up to the 10,000 steps a day challenge in The Ultimate Volumetrics Diet.

Monday 8156

Tuesday 9150

Wednesday 10945

Thursday 8507

Friday 10091

So here are my conclusions: on days that I do not work out I seem to hit the 10,000 step mark; I think it is because I had other things out and about to do. I am averaging 9370 steps a day pretty close to 10,000.  I was pretty impressed.

Food Journal

8:30 8oz water

9:00 155 calories

bread (90)

peanut butter (40)

jelly (25)

12oz water

10:30 12 oz water at the park.

12:45 615 calories

left over beef stroganoff

noodles (296)

sauce (319)

12oz water

6:00 648 calories

7″ super steak sandwich (429)

somewhere between half an 3/4 thing of fries I shared with Olivia.  The higher number (219).

16oz water

evening 8 oz water.

Total Calories 1418

How I am feeling about this week.  I had good workouts, kudos. I seem to be prouder of myself on the days that I eat less calories closer to the 1200 mark, but I also usually feel hungry those days. I think that I need to work on balancing it out a bit better because “good” days seem to lead to massive carbs!  Days like yesterday where I eat 990 calories worth of pizza and feel like I have let myself down.  And then there is tonight when pork chops are still frozen after being in the sink all day and instead of coming up with a healthy option we go to Great Steak before grocery shopping.  I think trying to cut down to 1200 calories everyday right now is probably unrealistic considering 2 weeks ago I was consuming 3000+ calories easy.  I need to remember its okay, baby steps, and celebrate the small wins.


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