Day 10, Thursday, September 11


As you all know today is the 13th anniversary of 9-11-01.  We as Americans will never forget what happened.  It was a day that changed our generation forever.  It was a day that changed all the history books.  Everyone responds a little differently to what happened, emotions always run high.  Three years ago I was over joyed not because of what happened on 9/11/01 but because we found out we were pregnant with our beautiful little girl after years of trying to conceive.  I am always so amazed by her beauty and brains.  This year I felt a little frightened because my husband was flying back from Nashville.  It is crazy to me that we knew each other back when this day became not just any other day.  I am so thankful to have him at my side for this journey called life.  Olivia and I appreciate all he does for our family and I am thankful he made it home safely to us as so many fathers never did return 13 years ago.

Last night our upstairs neighbor decided to pace his home until wee hours of the morning so I slept like crud.  I woke up grumpy and feeling blah.  I had to remind myself you are doing this because you don’t want to be fat anymore.  DO NOT go get a sonic cheeseburger and a large cherry vanilla coke for breakfast that would be a bad decision. I overcame the urge and went on with my day.

6:30 8oz water

8:30 8oz water

9:30 155 calories

bread (90)

peanut butter (40)

jelly (25)

went to the park and had a picnic

12:30 360 calories

pita pocket (90)

chicken salad (130)

french onion sun chips (140)

24oz water

3:30 afternoon work out *  Olivia wouldn’t nap today which frazzled me further; Tim came home and I left because I needed a moment to get away, hoping this would make me feel a smidge better. Walked for 33 minutes 1.53 miles and burned approximately 175 calories. 24oz water

I come home and asked Tim what he would like for dinner; he said honestly I want pizza.  After pushing myself to be good all day I gave in and we ordered Papa Johns.  After all pizza is “good” for you right?  NOT! no matter how many of the food groups it contains.

6:00 990 calories (what a doozie!)

3 slices of the works

* I picked the smallest slices of the pizza, but still not a great choice of food.  Next time I will try to muster up the energy to make a salad and only have one slice or maybe two.

16oz water

Let’s recap 80 oz water, another work out 6/10, and the above food journal.  I promise to always be honest about what I eat.  I am choosing not to follow a strict “diet” so that I can still feel like I can eat the things I normally would like pizza.  I know that weight will always be a struggle for me and it is not likely that I will ever say no more pizza.  I am taking this slowly in hopes to take weight off and keep it off.  Tomorrow is another day, hope to get a good night’s rest and feel better in the morning.

Total calories 1505 – 175 from work out = 1330 net calories.


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