Day Seven, Monday, September 8th


September Goals

Eliminate Soda by 9/10 and Drink 2 quarts of water each day.

Exercise 4 / 10 times

Food Journal


I am so thankful that I was not to sore after yesterday’s hike.  I hadn’t planned to go to the gym today, but Olivia asked to go – she loves the playroom they have for her.  I was able to do 1.51 miles in 30 minutes; that is an improvement of 2 minutes over last time! I drank 80 oz of water and no soda.  I am not sure if the net loss in calories affected my hunger today or not.  I consumed things I have eaten before and  been completely satisfied for a couple of hours at least, but today it seems like 30 minutes after I ate I was back at a 3 on the scale.  I am proud of myself for keeping it in check, but I am thinking maybe I should have snacked on some carrot sticks or something.


Food Journal

9:45 12oz water

10:00 129 calories

*same as yesterday

Egg (70)

veggies (24)

milk (5)

ham (30)


morning 20oz water


12:15 360 calories

* finished the left over pasta from Primo’s

24oz water


3:15 1/2 oz Almonds (80)


16oz water with workout burned 188 calories


6:30 413 calories

2 oz smoked sausage (170)

5oz red potato (110)

1.8oz red onion (50)

3oz carrots (35)

3.2oz broccoli (30)

2oz yellow squash (9)

2oz zucchini (9)

*this meal known as a hobo packet is one of my favorites.  My sister-in-law Tina taught me how to make them.  You just put all the ingredients in a tin foil pouch bake at 350 for an hour or so and voila!  In the past it would have contained 6oz smoked sausage, 10oz red potato, same onion, same carrots, same broccoli and I have never put squash in it.  I had the squash on hand and it was a great addition.  Previously my calorie count would have been 845 I am thankful I took the time to measure everything out and save the calories.


8:30 5 mini kit-kats (117)


Total Calories 1099 – 188 calories burned at work out = 911 net calories


Tomorrow I will weigh in and hopefully see some results.  I have decided to only weigh myself weekly so that I do not get discouraged if the numbers do not fall each day.  Tomorrow is our first day of MOPS too; I am excited to meet some new moms in Utah.  I know there will be brunch, but I am going to eat before I go so I am not too hungry and can more easily control what goes on my plate and ultimately in my mouth.


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