Choices, Day Six, Sunday, September 7th


September Goals

Eliminate Soda by 9/10 and Drink 2 quarts of water each day.

Exercise 3 / 10 times

Food Journal


Today was all about choices. What do you do after you spend a day at the spa and consuming 1500 calories in one meal?  Do you sit at home and further relax?  Nope, we went hiking.


Choice # 1 – killer headache from lack of caffeine do I drink my last Pepsi? No started the day with 12oz of water and Young Living’s Stress Away.

Choice # 2 – What do I eat for breakfast?  My family wants cinnamon rolls so I make them, but I decide to eat an egg w/ veggies and 2 slices of ham. 

Breakfast Options

Breakfast Options

     My choice 129 calories over the cinnamon rolls 300.  I also felt full until we ate our picnic lunch at Lake Solitude.


Choice #3 What to pack for a picnic lunch?

Half a PB&J 155

Cheeseball and Crackers 109

Honeydew 32

Pasta Salad 127

I chose these instead of a whole PB&J, chips, and a few cookies which would have been the norm.


Choice #4 Do we simply walk around silver lake or try a small hike?  After our successful hike up Bridal Veil Falls last weekend we thought why not go up to Lake Solitude. It’s only an additional 1.5 there and back…


We made it! We encountered several woodland creatures:carpenter ants, chipmunks, squirrels, and a beautiful blue bird along with some amazing views. Olivia was disappointed we didn’t get to see a moose. After it was all said and done my phone stated we walked 14874 steps and burned 1034 calories.  If you plug in the info as a 3 hour hike online we burned 1870 calories.  So workout number 3 complete.  Total mileage was bout 4 overall.  


Choice #5 What do we eat for dinner after this excursion?  Hubby says lets go out to eat at Blue Bay Chinese or grab a Pizza… I decline; we went out last night and I would like to cook tonight.  So I made the lasagna cups and a salad I had planned to make last night…AMAZING and only 74 calories each.

Lasagna cups and salad.

Lasagna cups and salad.

Olive garden Lasagna and salad costs you almost 900 calories and that’s if you resist the bread.  This meal was a total of 288 calories.  


Choice #6 How many to eat?  I ate all 3 and the salad and still seemed to be hungry, but I gave myself about 20 minutes to see if I was still legitimately hungry.  I was satisfied and didn’t have another even though they were delicious! I put some extras in the freezer for another day.


Choice #7 Dessert—Tim requested I make a dump cake so I did?  Whole pan 3535 calories!  How much to eat? I decide on a 20th. I put it on the food scale and measured out 3 oz for 177 calories.


I added 7 grams of whip cream for another 20 calories too.


Choice #8 Late Evening Snack – I went for one cup of popcorn at 35 calories.


I had many choices to make today some easy and some more difficult.  After feeling bloated from eating Japanese cuisine last night I made positive decisions today to better my health.  I drank 72 oz of water. I decided to get up and move today in a big way the average of the estimated calories burned is 1452 and knocking out another workout.  I also made great decisions on food including moderation on dessert which added up to 1072 calories.  Now lets do the math total calories eaten 1072 – calories burned 1452. I have a net loss of 380 calories!  


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