Day Four, Friday, September 5th


September Goals

Eliminate Soda by 9/10 and Drink 2 quarts of water each day.

Exercise 2 / 10 times

Food Journal


Today was our domestic day, that means I cleaned house. Does that count as a workout?  No, not by my definition but it does help burn calories.  Olivia even got in on the action and helped me dust and clean her bathroom.  I spent her nap time getting her “school” stuff ready for next week and working on a grocery list too.  Tonight we had the potluck – it is amazing how when you know you have to report what you ate that you have a bit more self control.  I surprised myself by only having one plate and feeling satisfied after eating it. 


I didn’t get a whole lot of reading done, but one thing Barbara Rolls suggests in her book The Ultimate Volumetrics Diet is to buy a pedometer and see how many steps you take in a day and push yourself to do 150 more each day until you hit 10,000 steps.  This means you have walked about 5 miles.  I may try adding this in at some point, but for now I am sticking to my 3 goals for September. So how did I measure up today:


No soda (I have 2 left in the fridge). I drank 76 oz of water!

No workout 

Food Journal 

9:30 (late start thanks to morning snuggles) 12oz water

9:45 281 calories

Ham and egg Pita Pocket 250

1/2 c grapes

8oz water


24 oz of water while cleaning house


12:30 373 calories (left over dinner)

3oz chicken (138)

potatoes (75)

green beans (30)

Butter (100)

BBQ sauce (30)

8oz water


afternoon water 16oz water


Potluck Plate

Potluck Plate

6:00 620 calories

Estimate on taco bites (252)

hamburger (165), cheese(45), wonton wrappers, (40), green onion (2)

Pasta Salad (127)

mini cheese ball (39)

4 Club Crackers (70)

* I know those calorie counts I made them!

Watermelon (23)

Carrots (25)

celery (3)

cucumber (8)

ranch (73)

– in the past I would have eaten double this easy!



potluck ice cream

potluck ice cream

The ladies looked at me crazy when I asked to see the carton to decide whether or not I wanted any.  I explained to them that I am working on a new me and I wanted to make sure to count the calories.  They smiled and said oh that’s good. I think it was one of those awkward things for them being skinny and not knowing me all that well.  I am guessing a real thought might have been “yea, you need to fatso,” but that’s my inner cruelty I guess.  They say we are our own worst critic.  After all that I decided on a half serving which is 1/4cup of ice cream. I had about 5 bites at the cost of 85 calories.


Total Calories for the day 1359


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