Day Three, Thursday, September 4th


September Goals

Eliminate Soda by 9/10 and Drink 2 quarts of water each day.

Exercise 10 times

Food Journal


     Today was a great day!  We had a play date this morning at a new park.  I enjoyed being outdoors a bit and having fellowship with other moms in the Utah area.  Then I got home and made pasta salad and mini cheese balls for a pot luck tomorrow (YUM!). Do you know how hard it was not to eat any?  Making positive changes, can’t wait to see this week’s results on Monday!

     I think just about everyone has seen pre-made food advertisements that help you lose weight such as Nutrisystem.  Many of them discuss how their food has a low calorie density.  If you are like me, you are thinking great so I buy into this “system” for $300 a month and I lose weight …what happens when I don’t buy their food anymore. (I will gain the weight back) because I didn’t learn how to prepare food for myself.  I have never seen a definition of what calorie density actually means until today in The Ultimate Volumetrics Diet book.  

     A calorie density level “reflects the calories in a given portion of food” (18).  Okay great so now what why is this important to losing weight.  Well, the problem I have always had when dieting is hunger and not being able to eat foods I enjoy.  Now, how does calorie density effect dieting?  In order to lose weight you must consume less calories than your body burns in a day (duh, right).  For me I ran the math in a calorie calculator online and for a loss of one pound a week I should consume about 1600 calories a day.  If I want to have a 100 calorie snack I could have 1 and half cups of watermelon, 3 cups of popcorn, or 2 Oreo cookies.  If I am hungry the first two options would be much more filling because of the amount of food I get for the calories consumed.  That’s not saying you can never have the Oreo just be realistic when you are hungry don’t go for the Oreo because chances are you will eat 300 calories.  

     More things from today. Give your hunger a level 1 being starving and 10 being Thanksgiving stuffed.  You should try to keep yourself at a 5 or 6 after a meal, satisfied not too full.  Try to be a 3 when you eat because letting yourself get to a 1 or 2 means it is harder to make good decisions.  Tomorrow I will be reading more on how to calculate a food’s calorie density.  


Record Keeping

NO SODA!!! 92 ounces of water 

I went to the gym this afternoon with the hubby. I learned that in order to get a more accurate total of calories burned to but your weight in on the treadmill  So today I walked a mile in a half in 32 minutes and I burned 180 calories.  So that is 2 out of 10 workouts.

Food Journal

8:45 12oz water

9:00 178 calories

One slice of bread (90)

1/2 TBSP peanut butter (40)

1/2 TBSP grap jelly (25)

1/2 cup watermelon (23)

* This left me feeling full all the way to lunch!


9:30 – 11 at park 24oz water


11:45 Taco Salad 437 calories

– same recipe as yesterday, but I had less carrots and cheese, and a little bit more meat.

I also tried 1 piece of golden honey dew.

Taco Salad

Taco Salad

*didn’t seem to hold me over as well today.


24oz of water for the afternoon


2:45 peanut butter crackers 190 calories

5:00 work out 24 oz of water


6:15 39 calories

1/2 cup watermelon (23)

1/4 cup honeydew (16)

*to hold over til dinner was ready



7:30 503 calories

4oz baked chicken (184)

red potatoes (75)

green beans (30)

1Tbsp butter (100)

1Tbsp BBQ sauce (30)

bread w/ butter (80)

16oz tea w/ truvia (4)

*probably wont finish tea


9:15 1 cup popcorn 35 calories


TOTAL Calories 1382 – 180 calories from work out = 1202 calories.







5 thoughts on “Day Three, Thursday, September 4th

  1. maddy

    You’re killing it!! I’m so proud of you 🙂 The calorically dense stuff is a correct/better definition of what I was telling you about a few months about how you could eat a hamburger for X calories, but you could have a turkey sandwich, crackers, string cheese, carrots, and a snack later for that same X calories. You are awesome honey 🙂


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