Day Two, Wednesday, September 3rd


September Goals

Eliminate Soda by 9/10 and Drink 2 quarts of water each day.

Exercise 10 times

Food Journal


Okay so today was a little rough on me.  Olivia went to her first Mother’s Day Out. As I was getting her ready this morning she asked me for keys so she could drive herself.  Like those commercials I was afraid to blink just maybe somehow I missed 14 years of her life and she was really asking for car keys.  When I told her no she said “I’ll just ride the bus then, bye mom!”  She is growing up so fast and had a great first day.  What did I do on my first morning free … I went to the DMV, YEA!  (at least I have a whole year now before I have to go back) and I went to the library to pick up her “A” books for next week.


I also picked up The Ultimate Volumetrics Diet book by Barbara Rolls, PHD.  It discusses how to get the most bang for your caloric buck.  Like I said before I am not looking to do a hardcore diet, psst they weight you lose on them doesn’t last.  The basic premise of this diet seems to be to teach you to eat this not that; and when you really want the m&m’s go ahead but limit yourself.  I will share my findings with you as I delve into it a bit more.


Now for record keeping … first goal kudos to me for 92 ounces of water well over the required amount of 64!  I did open a 12oz Cherry Pepsi, but only consumed about 9oz.

Exercise 1 of 10 is completed. I walked for a little over 30 minutes and went a mile and half.  This walk burned approximately 110 calories- go me!   

Food Journal

8:15 12 oz water

8:30 – 170 calories

mini bagel (65)

strawberry yogurt spread (50)

1/2 banana (55)

*This meal didn’t stick with me very long.  I was hungry pretty quickly after.

9:15 cherry pepsi (120)

10:15 16oz water

11:30 16oz water

12:45 Taco Salad (401)

lettuce (16)

1/4c cheddar jack cheese (83)

salsa (15)

carrots (12)

fat free ranch (25)

3oz Hamburger taco meat and corn (250)

12oz water.

*I always enjoy this salad; I used left over taco meat and it had corn mixed in so I used the food scale to measure out 3oz not sure if that is an accurate calorie count since corn is way less than hamburger, but better to run on the high side.

4:00 work out 24oz water 

5:30 482 calories

2/3 cup macaroni and ground beef (257)

1/3 cup corn (35)

2/3 cup ranch mashed potatoes (190)

4oz water


9:10 250 calories

peanut m&m’s (250)

8oz water


Total Calories 1423 – 110 from working out = 1313

Dinner was one of our favorites. I skipped the bread tonight expecting it to be A LOT of calories.  However, due to portion control I did great.   I do a lot of at home cooking so I am doing my best to calculate the calories in a meal.  I am adding up all the calories in the whole pot and dividing it by the approximate number of servings.  Warning this is time consuming! For example when I made mashed potatoes, I had to measure out the butter and the milk, but I am trying to work on becoming a new me so it is time well spent.  





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