Day One, Tuesday, September 2nd


September Goals

Eliminate Soda by 9/10 and Drink 2 quarts of water each day.

Exercise 10 times

Food Journal


On the plus side no soda today and I drank all the water plus some, down side frequent trips to the restroom.

Exercise (HA) I can hardly walk today due to hiking up a waterfall yesterday.  My thighs are killing me.  I did manage to go down stairs and walk slowly around the basketball court while Olivia played with a tennis ball and Tim played basketball with some neighborhood kids.

Food Journal –

9:40 12oz water


10:30 – 250 calories

whole wheat pita pockets (90)

Miracle whip light (20)

1 egg (70)

ham (60)

onion (0)

milk (10)

12oz water


1:00 12oz water


1:30 – 585 calories

2 hotdogs (300)

2 buns (220)

ketchup (20)

Mustard (0)

relish (20)

2 bites broccoli salad (25)

* I had planned to eat 1/4 cup for 107 calories however it tasted off so I didn’t eat anymore.

12oz water


4:30 12oz water

6:30 725 calories

4oz grilled chicken (140)

sauce on chicken (75)

rice-a-roni (320)

Broccoli (30)

buttered bread (160)

12oz water


9:00 110 calories

6 mini reeses (110)

*you must know I am a chocolate fiend; I am proud to stop here usually I would eat 20 or so.

12oz water


Total Calories for the Day 1670


It’s not perfect but like I said small slow steps so it sticks.  I want to be aware of what I eat and the amount of calories it contains.  I was shocked to find out that hot dogs have 150 calories each.  I am going to have to avoid eating them on a regular basis.   I also learned that the “new” chicken recipe that we love tastes great but the sauce (due to brown sugar) has a lot of calories. I’ve always known that adding a roll or bread stick to dinner adds calories now I know how much.




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