Days 8 – 10



Life has been a little hectic here this week.  Trying to get Olivia back into the swing of things with school starting.  She is an official in kindergarten.  Since we are homeschooling she did an easy kindergarten year last year and this year it is much more work.  A lot of people ask me what curriculum I use so here is what she is doing this year

Christian Light – Reading and Language Arts
Christian Light – Math
Pandia Press – Science Life
Story of the World Vol 1 – History
Spanish Town – Spanish
Jesus Storybook Bible and Awana – Bible Study

Its a much fuller and more rigorous course load then last year so it is taking some adjusting to.


Photo Food Journal for Monday


Breakfast (S):
Scrambled Eggs

Lunch (E):
Salad w/ Waldorf Farms 1000 Island
Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

And we watched the Eclipse – it was pretty cool.  I don’t think if their had been all the hype I would have even known as we were not in the line of totality.  For the next one we will be pretty close so I hope I get to experience that as it is amazing to think how perfect everything has to be for us to experience it!

Snack (S):
Colby-jack Cheese

Dinner (E):
Cowboy Grub (page 59)

Dessert (S):
Trimtastic Chocolate Zucchini Cake left over from my birthday.



On Tuesday my husband surprised me by setting up for me, my two sister in laws, and my best friend to go see Wizard of Oz at a local dinner theater.  I am almost never surprised so they were all super glad to pull it off.

*Tuesday I woke up feeling pretty terrible.  I have a UTI and a large cyst on an ovary.  I forgot to take pictures here is what I ate.

Breakfast – none

Lunch (E) – Turkey Sandwich w/ mustard

Dinner (CHEAT) – I had some green beans, fried chicken, and roast. I had 2 tiny pieces of carrot cake (seriously like each piece was maybe 4 small bites).  I also had a coconut rum hot chocolate drink.  I have never had a warm alcoholic beverage.  It was pretty yummy!



I thank Serene and Pearl for really instilling this into me after reading their book.  After years of dieting.  If I had a cheat it usually led to the rest of the week as cheating.  And I would say oh I will start again on Monday essentially causing me to put on an extra pound or two.  Now I just start again at the next meal.  Tuesday night was a cheat.  I was out with friends. I made the best decision with food that I could.  And then splurged with dessert and a drink.  However, Wednesday morning I was right back on track.


I was also excited to see that my  night of splurging did not move the scale.  209.8!

Breakfast (S):
left over steak

Drink Cherry Limade Good Girl Moonshine

Lunch (E):
left over Cowboy Grub

Snack (E):
not pictured (my phone was playing music for Grayson’s nap)
6 low fat triscuit crackers
1 light laughing cow cheese
2 slices lean ham

Dinner (E):
not pictured (my phone was dead)
White Chicken Chili (recipe here)


Now if you are worried about my exercise goals I have kept up with those too.  Not as rigorous as last week, but still meeting my goals of cardio 3 times a week.





Olivia played capture the flag with the home school group and I walked a few loops outside.



I deserve to be healthy.  I have to do this for me. I can do this.  I will get healthy.


Day 7, August 20th



29 years ago I was born!  WAHOO!


Photo Food Journal:


Tim took the kids to home depot with him.  I didn’t want to go out for breakfast.

Breakfast (E):
Toast with greek cream cheese and all fruit jelly

Lunch (E):
THM Banana Bread (recipe here)

*This was actually really good.  Everyone liked it!

Dinner (S):
Steak and Shrimp
Squash Au Gratin
Roasted Broccoli

Dessert (S):
Trimtastic Chocolate Zucchini Cake (page 296)
*I used Xylitol as the sweetner.  I think due to the amount it made mine and Tim’s stomachs hurt

Even on my birthday I went out of my way to stay on plan.  I can do this.  I will get healthy!

Day 5 and 6, August 18 and 19



I am posting this saying because I need to celebrate some successes over the last couple days.  My kitchen has been torn apart the last couple days as our appliance saga was in progress.  I picked out some brand new, very nice appliances, but they did not fit into the 30 year old appliance gaps.  It was a lot of work for my husband over the last couple weeks.

Photo Food Journal: August 18th


Breakfast (S):
2 slices of Ham
1 slice Smoked Cheddar Cheese
1 Egg

Lunch (S):
*I went to Samaurai with my husband, his boss, and his boss’s wife for lunch.  I was so grateful that my sister-in-law watched the kiddos.  This was my first success; I didn’t eat rice!  I ordered extra veggies instead. Salad w/ ginger dressing, Mushroom Soup, Veggies, Filet Mignon, and Shrimp

Dinner (S):
Spaghetti Squash with Cowboy Spaghetti Sauce

*This was another success story.  I spent the majority of the afternoon at Tina’s and didn’t feel like cooking when I got home.  But I knew that we would be ripping out the oven and Saturday would be a take-out day so I cooked it and ate it.

After dinner I took Olivia to the gym where I swam or treaded water off and on for an hour and half.  It was 30 minutes consistent, but it was still a good workout.  She got to jump off the diving board and attempt the water rock wall too.


Photo Food Journal: August 19th


Breakfast (S):
*Another Success – We all went to get Tim and Grayson their much needed haircuts first thing this morning.  Then we headed over to McDonald’s for breakfast (because the old stove had been removed the night before.)  I ordered a Sausage Egg and Cheese McMuffin – hold the muffin.  Then Olivia doesn’t like the sausage so I order hers with sausage on the side.  Breakfast 2 pieces of sausage, a little cheese, and an egg.

Lunch (E):
Turkey Sandwich (with mustard, no cheese)
Baked Tortilla Scoops and Salsa

Dinner (E):

*Another Success – Installing the stove took a little longer than planned AND Tim did not want me cooking food amongst all the dust and debris from cutting up cabinets. He said just order a pizza.  I said no I am trying really hard to stay on plan.  I went to back yard burger and got their Hawaiian Chicken Sandwich with no bun or sauces.  I then grabbed a House Salad from Little Caesar’s.  There salads are HUGE.  I portioned some out onto a plate and that is all I ate.

*Saturday’s workout consisted of washing my kitchen top to bottom for the third time in the last two weeks.  But I have all new appliances now!


Tomorrow is my 29th Birthday.  This is what I wanted.  2 years ago on my birthday we closed on our home in Utah.  This year during the month of August we closed on our house in Utah and purchased a new one in Arkansas.  Now, it has brand new GE profile appliances.  This completes part 1 of my kitchen remodel; deep cleaning, lined shelves, new handles, and new appliances!  Part 2 won’t happen for awhile because floors and counter tops can be pricey! I love to cook so now I have a double oven and a French door refrigerator courtesy of my Amazing husband!

~I can do this! I will get healthy!

Day 4, August 17th



I am going to start with the exercise today.  I am committed.  Tonight after dinner I told Tim I wanted to keep my cardio streak going.  Olivia wanted to go with me to the gym instead of with her dad.  This was a huge shock to me!  She has always chosen to go with her dad.


This is our post workout selfie.  We did 15 minutes on the track.  She kept telling me to run mom run.  And then joking about how much faster she was than me.  I ran a little bit more each lap until the last one when I couldn’t breathe so I walked it!  Then I did 15 minutes on the bike 2.26 miles!  The quote above reminds me that this is more than I was doing yesterday.  It takes time to build speed and endurance.

Photo Food Journal:


Breakfast (S):
I’m calling this Breakfast Pizza
2 eggs for the “crust”
Toppings include 2 slices of bacon, 2 slices of ham, red bell pepper, purple onion, .5oz of cheddar cheese.

*The piece that is missing was given to Grayson

Lunch (E):
Burrito Bowl (same as earlier in the week)

Raspberry Lemonade Good Girl Moonshine

(Dinner (E):
Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

Snack (S):
Beef Jerky 1oz

*Let’s talk about this snack.  I really wanted something else.  Let me show you a picture of what I wanted.


So I looked through all the different varieties of these at the store last week and had picked this one as it was the only one that fell into an E setting; all the others would have been cross overs.  I LOVE trail mix, but since my son was diagnosed with a peanut allergy we have not had it in the house.  So I was excited when I saw that this one that did not have peanuts.  Then I got my scale out measured it into a bowl, but I noticed that everything looked like it was coated in a crystal like substance .  So I flipped the bag over to confirm what I already knew and sugar, sugar, SUGAR… 15g in 1/4 of a cup!  Needless to say I didn’t eat it.  Fruits are plenty sweet why “candy coat” them? I had the beef jerky that was in our cabinet instead.  It also has a little bit more sugar than I though at 6 grams, but 5 times the amount of protein as this snack mix.


I can do this.  It is worth the time invested.  I am going to be healthy ~ taking it one day at a time!

Day 3 – August 16



Trying to remind myself of this.  Tim loses weight so much faster than me and I tend to beat myself up about it.  Especially when I am trying to do everything right and he is like I have 900 calories left, think I’ll eat slice of pizza and lose 2 lbs, ugh!  Okay It is not a race; it is a journey.  I will get there; even the tortoise beat the hare in the end!


Photo Food Journal:


Breakfast (E):
3 slices lean deli ham
1 piece sprouted bread w/ greek cream cheese and all fruit spread

Lunch (S):
Turkey and Cheese Pinwheels w/ Spicy Southwest Mustard
Cucumbers Slices with balsamic vinaigrette
Small Salad with balsamic vinaigrette

The Shrinker from Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook
I couldn’t drink this…it was awful. Tasted like cough syrup.  I maybe got through 1/4 before I was gagging so much and just stopped.

Dinner (E):
Croc-pot BBQ Chicken Sandwich Thin (BBQ Sauce Here)

*So I totally made a mistake with this meal. I thought it would be an S for some reason so I had planned to make loaded cauliflower. I revised my plan when I realized how many carbs were in the sandwich thin. I’ll know next time we could have had the baked sweet potato fries my husband wanted.

*For the BBQ sauce – I used xylitol for the sweetener.  Next time I will add a little apple cider vinegar and some cayenne pepper.

Late Night Snack (E):
Chicken and Black Bean Quesadillas
Carb Smart Tortilla
Pepper Jack Laughing Cow Cheese
Shredded Chicken
Black Beans
Taco Seasoning
Fat Free Sour Cream

*I cook the chicken, black beans, a tablespoon of fat free sour cream, and taco seasoning in a sauce pan first.  Then I spread the laughing cow cheese over the tortilla before I put it in the pan.  Then I add the mixture and toast it all up.  I dip it in the fat free sour cream.

I was super excited that I completed my third day of cardio in a row!  Today I rode a bicycle type machine that moves your arms and legs.  I did 4.05 miles in 30 minutes!

Fun for the day…Make-up with my mini!


This little girl can drive me completely crazy because she is so much like me.  She is a little perfectionist who likes things just so.  She wanted make-up and we were staying home all day so why not!  I’m loving my new make up by Maskcara; thanks McKenna for getting me hooked!  I love how light it is.  The lipstick is Lipsense Roseberry; thanks Ashley for getting me hooked on that! I love how it stays put all day – even through my workout!



Day 2 – August 15



I am going to take it day by day.  Each day getting a little bit closer to a better me!


Photo Food Journal:


Breakfast (S):
Scrambled Eggs

Lunch (E):
Burrito Bowl
1/2 cup turkey meat cooked with taco seasoning
1/2 cup brown rice cooked with tomato chicken bullion
1/2 cup bean mixture (pinto beans, black beans, corn)
1/4 cup homemade salsa (tomatoes, purple onion, jalapeño, cilantro)
1/2 tbsp fat free sour cream

*After lunch I went to the gym and walked a little over a mile on the track.  Olivia was a trooper and made it 6 out of the 7 laps.  Grayson didn’t scream while in his stroller.  As their reward we went to the pool and they got to play while I saw a few laps in the pool.  It wasn’t the big pool so the laps weren’t quite as long.  I swam for about 10 minutes.

Snack (FP):
Almond Joy Smoothie
1/3 cup fat free cottage cheese
1 cup unsweetened almond milk
1 scoop chocolate protein powder (this is the kind I use)
1/2 tsp almond extract
1/2 tsp coconut extract

Dinner (S):
Cabb and Saus Skillet
from trim healthy mama cookbook page 58

*After Dinner we walked around our neighborhood.  It took about 20 minutes.

Day 1 – August 14th


It was a success!  On plan all day!


Here are the numbers:
Weight 215.4 lbs
R Arm 12.5 inches
L Arm 13 inches
R Thigh 23.25 inches
L Thigh 24.5 inches
Waist 48 inches
Hips 45 inches
Bust 48 inches
Under Bust 39 inches
Neck 14.5 inches

Photo Food Journal:

Breakfast (S):
Scrambled Egg

Drink: Good Girl Moonshine

Lunch (E):
Chicken and Black bean Quesadillas
Small Salad with Salsa and Walden Farms Ranch

Dinner (E):
Taco Crunch Salad (recipe here)
Here is how I changed it.  We halved the recipe, but used a whole head of lettuce.

After dinner our family headed over to the rec-center.  I walked the track for 30 minutes and then swam 4 laps in the pool.  My goal is to do this 3 times a week.

Dessert (FP):
Cheesecake cookies squared (recipe here)
I used whipped Greek cream cheese instead of the Greek yogurt.
I used about a half a tablespoon of Xylitol to sweeten it.
For the topping I was trying to make some simple chocolate but it didn’t work out very well because it crystallized.  These were okay. I thought the dough was better than the baked cookie.

I can do this!  I will get healthy.